Sunday, November 29, 2009

We will NOT be the Scrooges

Well, since Thanksgiving is done, we were anxious to get some lights up for Christmas. We have not decorated inside yet, but lights out side were important to get going so we blended in with the rest of the anxious neighbors and we didn't look like scrooges...hehe
Each kid took a turn taking lights up to Daddy on the roof...Mitch is to small, so she got to stand on the ladder for a photo-as not to be left out.

Halloween 2009

Kids dressed up this year and went around the neighborhood with Cousins Caitlyn and Sara Beth, Mommy, Cousin Emily and Great Aunt Linda-All had a blast!
BooBoo as 'I am NOT going to smile for this picture'
Roo as Hip Hop Girl
C-Man as Batman
Mitch as a Good Witch without her hat