Thursday, July 27, 2006

Camping Friends and Family

Finally, here are some of our family and friends from camping!

Linda, Kevin and Shelley. Lifelong family friends

Grandma and Grandpa K.

Chase and Shelby

Me and my family....aren't we cute?!

Uncle Derek and girlfriend Kami

Finally...some camping photos

I am finally able to get my photo program to work so I can post the long awaited camping goes!!

Here is Hunter with family friend Kevin on the jet ski. Hunter had his first driving lesson. He is quite careful and drove fairly slow. Demi Roo on the other hand is balls to the wall and thinks Hunter drives too slow! ;-)

Demi Roo in her most innocent pose she can would NEVER think that SHE could be naughty huh??!!

Hunter and the beauty of the scenery.

Demi Roo and the scenery.

This picture is supposed to show how close the deer was to our camp. I would prefer NOT to be in it since I was swollen and miserable from allergies, but my hubby insisted...

An Old Friend Visits

Here are some photos of when Ange and the kids visited Idaho. I am sure glad they got to come by and see us. The kids all had a blast. It was to short of a visit, but I cannot complain, at least I got to see them! ;-)

Mostly the whole crew...notice how Ange is hiding behind Trae?? ;-)

Hunter giving bunny ears to his new girlfirend...he and MaeLynn hit it off well!

Two divas in a pod.....Sassy and Demi Roo were quite the duo. Tyson giving updside down bunny ears to the two of them! T.J. hugging sissy and getting in the photo.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Jesse Johnson

Yesterday I met an amazing man and his family. This man is riding 4000 miles on his bicycle (from Seattle to Miami) to earn money and raise awareness for the kids of Haiti.
Jesse and his family were kind and offered shirts to us so we could show our support for Haiti's kids. I am hoping to arrange a meeting between Jesse and Dr. Bernard in Haiti on Jesse's next trip to see if he can include New Life Link in his funding of Haitian projects.
I see Jesse as a man with a huge dream, but know that if anyone can make that dream happen it will be him. He has tremendous support of his family, who are enduring 40 days on the road with him. They are also in the process of making a documentary about his trip...I am hoping he can get BIG press for it. The Today show has shown interest and will be meeting with them in a couple of the cities as well as be in Miami at the end to show he made it.
All I can think of is...The Today Show showing something about Haiti, where it is, WHAT it is and that people, general people, in everyday life may see in Haiti what some of us do. Beauty, tragedy, the people who are rich in spirit but lack the means to a good end. That maybe someone out there may feel led to help in a way that only they could.
I will post pic's of our meeting as soon as I can get my hubby's computer to work with me!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sel Bondye Konnen

Robinson told me he went to the orphanage to teach English to the older kids Friday. My little Kai C'Eus went up to him and said he was tired of waiting, where was his mama. You see, usually Kai goes up to Robinson and says "Where's my mama" and he answers "no mama today C'Eus, more paperwork" and my boy runs off or sticks out his tongue and laughs (he and Robinson are pals!). Well Friday he told Robinson a different saying and Robinson knew he meant it.
I was very concerned how my children would be since I saw them in February and then had to leave them again. I was very concerned they would feel abandoned by me and be angry. I had Dr. Bernard explain to them every day how many sleeps until I would have to go home, but that I would be back with their daddy to take them to their forever home very soon. Kai seemed to understand, heck, he was almost 5. Nikaya Mitchelle seemed to understand as much as a 2 year old could.
I know now that they KNOW we love them and KNOW we are coming back for them. When people hang pictures in their bed for them, they know who I am, who their new family will be, and know that they will be home in God's timing. One thing I am thankful for is that the children in Haiti are taught very early on that everything happens according to God's will and timing ie... "Sel Bondye Konnen" Only God Knows.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Haiti Update

Well, I spoke to my counterpart in Haiti today and he said we have 1 signature left for IBESR approval. At IBESR (Haitian Social Services) you need 5 signatures at the different offices involved in IBESR. Well, we only need 1, the last one, Mr. Cadet himself. I am hoping he feels gracious and remembers our first meeting and takes mercy upon us and signs away quickly. The lady who spoke to Robinson (one of my Haitian Counterparts) said that our file was pretty straight forward and should go quickly....I pray that it will and that the kids will be home very soon.

I have 11 families in process right now, I also pray for them and that their process goes smoothly and quickly (as quickly as things can move in Haiti!)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

C-Man & Mitch Update Photo

Here is the latest of our kids in Haiti. They look good! I miss them terribly and hope they are home very soon.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Our camping trip was so fun. We spent the first night getting camp set up and visiting with Curt's family and roasting marshmellow's. The first night we had some rain and wind. The tent held up fine, however my allergies did not. My eyes were swollen and my sinuses a mess for the rest of the trip, but it was fun none the less.

We spent the 2nd. day at the beach. I LOVE THE BEACH at Red Fish Lake. The kids swim and play and I sit part time in the sun and most of the time in the shade ( I burn horribly..I know there is Irish in me somewhere!!)
Demi Roo got to ride Chase's jet ski since Uncle Jared left to buy a new truck..THANK YOU CHASE! ;-)

Hunter finally got up courage on the last day to try and ride a jet ski. Kevin, a family friend, taught Hunter how to drive..THANK YOU KEVIN! ;-)
Demi Roo had fun riding with them, but feels that Hunter drives to slow. Demi is kind of a balls to the wall, pedal to the metal type of gal.....she goes mach 5, hair on fire and enjoys hitting the wakes. Hunter rather go slow and look at the fish underneath them.

Every night we had deer in our camp. One day I was sitting realxing as Curt and the kids went to get me eye drops at the local market. Heather, Curt's sister, told me to look behind me. Low and behold there was a deer eating not 5 feet from me. He was beautiful. I looked at him for a while catching a close glimpse of one of God's creatures and then I began to think of TV's 'when animals attack' and my possible stint on the show with a wild creature so close. He left me alone and I got to watch him and hear him chew while everyone else took photos. Curt and the kids got back in time to see him and get a few photos for us as well.

It was beautiful until the night of the 4th. A huge storm came through and we could stay no longer. Our clothes were damp and it was getting cold. We took advantage of a break in the rain to pack up our stuff. The kids went to the 4th fireworks with their grandpa and grandma K. and Uncle Kevin and Aunt Heather. We met up afterwards and headed home....finally arriving home at 2:30am tired, damp but glad to be there. A nice bed was well worth the drive.

I will post pic's soon!

July 6th

Well, I did not post about this yesterday because I was to sad. But, July 6th was the 5th birthday or our little Kai C'Eus...HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!
Days like these, birthdays, holidays etc. make me miss the kids even more and make the distance seem greater. I know that Lord allowing it will be the last birthdya we will miss, but it still makes it sad.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Poker Update

Well....we are not going to be millionaire's. Curtis tried hard but did not win the poker tourney to go to Las Vegas. All in good time I guess. ;-)

I will post about our camping trip along with photos very soon...still recovering from my vacation!