Thursday, June 29, 2006


Ok. I have to share good news. My hubby plays no money poker on Tuesday and Thursday nights. It involves no money to play but you get a chance to win prizes and a possible chance to play in Vegas with the pro's if you are good enough.
WELL.....Curt beat out 200 other people Tuesday night at the tournament finals and placed in the top 10. He plays Saturday and if he beats the 39 other people he is playing, he gets an ALL expense paid trip to the televised World Poker Series in Las Vegas in August!!! He is so excited. He doesn't gamble really, but loves to play poker on line and in person for fun.
IF he were to go to Vegas, the top 250 people there win $10,000. IF he were to win the big table, he is up for $9 Million.....YES, MILLION!!! Steak at the orphanage every night for ever I say! ;-)
He is excited...keep the prayers coming..he could use them.

God and Country Rally

Well last night was a good night to get together with friends and enjoy our local God and Country Rally. Good music and fireworks were in order as well as the kids all running around having a blast. It was so hot at the beginning...100* evening a huge wind storm hit us and they didn't know if we would get to have fireworks.
It amazed me. Point of Grace came out to sing and they asked for a prayer at the beginning. All of a sudden the wind picked up and it blew hard.....Satan sure hates a good God party doesn't he?! WE prayed him away and the fireworks and concert went off without a hitch.
I forgot the camera so pictures are a no go...sorry!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Fighting Kids

Today is one of those days where my kids have done nothing but fight. I am geting frustrated at them and the attitudes today. I would ground them to the house with nothing to do, but I feel that this punishes me as much, if not more, than it does them.
Today we are to go to karate in the park and then swimming with the karate group. I hope this will wear them out for the rest of the day and the evening will be quiet.
Hopefully I will have some pic's to post when I get back!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


I wanted to wish a Happy Father's Day to the all of the Father's out there in the world.

Without Fathers, I believe all of us would still be riding bicycles with training wheels, cry everytime we fell and never want to get back up again. We would be wrapped in bubble wrap because mom's are just to careful with us. :-)

I am thankful for all of the Father's who are seperated from their families because they are serving in Iraq or somewhere else in the world keeping us safe. I pray that they are safe and can at least speak to their loved ones this Holiday.

I am also Thankful for the biggest Father of all....our Heavenly Father, for the biggest and most loving sacrifice of all! And that he also lets us learn our own lessons without the bubble wrap as well.

God's Blessings to everyone out there!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Quick Kid Funnies

Demi Roo loves to do artsy things all the time making her own little projects out of whatever.
The other night she came over to show Curtis her newest invention and he said to me "Dear, did you see Roo's CRAFT?" Before I could respnd Roo hollered "daddy, it isn't CRAP! and you can't put it in the garbage because I like it!!! We laughed for quite a while on that one. hehe

The other one is about Hunter. He had to do a "Star Student of the Month" board about himself. When he was filling out the part where it asks him to mention his talents Hunter wanted to put' belching and passing gas ' as his talents......I am such a proud mom!

My Beliefs

My beliefs in the Lord are changing. I guess I shouldn't say changing, as much as I should say that they are being strengthened.
I have never been an outwardly religious person. I was always raised with the belief that a person's religion is a private matter and no ones business but their own.
Well, I have been reading from a wonderful website called "The Way of the Master" at It is a site that teaches people to share their beliefs to non believers. It uses 2 people, Ray Comfort and the ever cute Kirk Cameron. I was very skeptical at first....what does Mike Seever know about God and how is he going to show me anything. Well his testimony touched me and I have been reading their web site, signed up for the newsletter and listening to the free lessons they have on their site. I am currenlty listening to one called "Soundly Saved".
Now, I am not a dumb person, but it puts the scripture into real life situations that I can relate to. I like watching them witness to many people on the street and put the 10 commandments into a way that everyone can uderstand how sinful we really are and the price that has been paid for us by Jesus Christ. It may just give me the courage to some day approach the people I know in my life that have no beliefs...we will see! :-)
Until then, I will strengthen my own faith and work on my family first!!!


Well, it is Friday. We are looking forward to a busy weekend with a pool party birthday party for the neighbor friend who will be "13". She is a great friend to the kids and they love to race bicycles in the cul-de-sac with her and her sister. It should be a blast. We have two things at the same time and the same night so....
Curtis is splitting up and attending his sisters graduation party to represent our family. Heather is graduating with her teaching degree and will be a second grade teacher at a local school this next year. His family has also decided to celebrate Father's Day that day so he felt he should go see his dad as well. We will celebrate our Father's Day either tonight or Sunday by going to the movies and seeing "Over the Hedge" and eating somewhere cheap (can you say McDonald's) ;-)

Off to a busy weekend! Post more later!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another Blessing

I wanted to post a quick praise for Hunter's Karate Teacher. Hunter takes Muay Thai kickboxing (which is not a cheap sport!). He is now a Kids Blue Belt and breaks boards with his feet!!
Anyway, we have had some financial issues as of late and thought that we would have to take some time off of karate until we could afford to start up again. When I discussed this with Hunter's karate teacher Mr. Chris (who is a wonderful Christian man) he said he would forgo being paid for now if I did odd jobs for him around the dojo (filing papers, copies, stuffing envelopes etc.) I said yes and officially started my payoff to him during class yesterday!

He is a wonderful man!

I love when the blessings come up from behind and just slap ya upside the head!!! ;-)

No Real Reason To Post

Well, we are surviving summer so far. Birthday parties are abounding and swimming is going on and now Demi Roo has another Cheer event to do Thursday PM. She LOVES to that a word? Anyway, we have been staying busy.

I have several families thru Heritage, about 11 I believe with 2 more signing on...I am so glad I have Amy to help me or I think I would be insane. She is still threatening to move to Spain in a year...I have to see what I can do to stop that in its tracks right now! If she does, I have to find someone else who has the heart she and I do to help me with the family bulk that we are getting. I love having so many families, it is just easier though with someone in the office with the same heart for Haiti that I have that has been there done that and can help families like we can. The more families at Heritage means more chidren home which means more children into NLL and to safety and good food, clean water and a bed to sleep in.

I love the calling that I have been given, it is better than being the stork! ;-)

Enough for tonight, since I really have no reason to post other than to blabber away!

Good night and God Bless!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Today was an exciting day for us. About 4pm they began broadcasting a tornado warning for our county and outerlying area.
The kids and I turned off the computers and the tv's (except for one to watch the progression of the storm) and sat on the couch listening to and watching the thunder and lightening. We had hail a little smaller than a golf ball beating down on the house and windows.
I was proud that I kept my cool during all of this considering it isn't the usual weather patterns for Idaho...this is why I have never lived near tornado or hurricane ladden cities...I am a chicken with a capital "C".
We loved watching the storm and hearing the phone ring repeatedly. We never answered until afterwards due to the lightening and Hunter's fear the phone would blow up! ;-)
It was our friend Tracey down the road. She cracks me up...her children, along with 2 neighborhood kids at her house, will forever need therapy (she stuffed them all in the closet and put pillows over them). HEHEHE
The storm passed and no one is the worse for wear here, I am interested to see the nightly news to see what damage was brought on by the storm.
Here's hoping and wishing a calmer day for all of we are off to karate!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Unanswered Prayers

Father's day is just about here, and it, like Mother's day, makes me want to cry.
I am one of the many people that do not have biological children and if it were not for the brave, selfless decisions of another human being I would not be a parent.
Whenever Mother's Day or Father's Day comes it reminds me of the sacrifice that our birth parents have made for their children. Their sacrifice has allowed me to have 2 beautiful children home, and 2 more beautiful children coming.

I used to cry when I would see a pregnant woman. My hubby and I had been married for a few years and desperately wanted children. We suffered thru 4 miscarriages and constantly asked "why us" to the good Lord. Of course, when you suffer this way you begin to promise God that you will be a better person, a good parent etc...etc... To no avail our pregnancies never worked. You really believe that you are being punished for something you have done earlier in life.

Well, a few years more into our marriage I found out I have a disease called Celiac Disease. This is a gluten intolerance to wheat, rye, oats, barley and malt, an allergy of sorts. This disease causes a myriad of things to happen and can be incompatibale with pregnancy and child birth, causing serious malformations to the unborn child if the pregnancy did work for those seriously affected....I am one of those individuals that has the type that makes Dr.'s go " lived?" ;-)
At least now I had a reason why I could not have children and I was saddened but could put a reason to the problem and try to deal with it. If I knew then what I truly believe now...that this was only part of the reason I could not have biological children.
I firmly believe that Celiac Disease is God's way of directing me to an avenue that I was meant to have all of my life....adoption!

After researching the countries and adoption programs available we decided to adopt from Haiti. Long story short, Haiti is now where all of my children are from, and where my heart truly lies. I can now not only rejoice at Mother's Day and Father's day for myself, but I have helped other families rejoice in their own holiday's as well as a Coordinator for Haitian Adoption. It truly amazes me sometimes when I sit and ponder what I may have had if I had only had my the Garth Brooks song says "some of Gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers!"

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday with the Family

Today was a nice lazy day with the family. We spent the afternoon doing things around the house and the evening watching a movie.
We try to allow each child to pick out a movie, either one we own or one we rent, and sit as a family and have a movie night.
Well, since we are broke, it has given us even more time to do nothing much outside the house and more movie nights together...a good thing from a crappy situation! ;-)
Saturday Hunter picked Zathura. Great movie and the kids enjoyed it. A lot of funny parts for adults and kids.
Tonight was Freaky Friday's, Demi Roo's choice. This is the newer one with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lynday Lohan (before her eating disorder..hehehe)
Anyway, we have all seen it before but it was just as fun to see again. We danced around afterwards to the song they sing over the credits, the kids love to do that. Friday Curtis and I picked and we watched Shrek, another fun one to dance to with the Shrek dance party at the end. I know we sound weird, but it was a great time that I hope our children remember when they get older.
We hope as our children grow that they remember the fun times and that they don't realize we are broke etc... I want to be the grandma that has the grandkids over every weekend and spoils them rotten having sleep overs and dance parties with them as well.
Well, off to get the kids in bed and to lay down and read until I pass out...another good weekend at home with the family!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Missing My kids

Well today after cheerleading (Roo's not mine ;-) I came home and began my daily search for everything Haiti online. This is one way that I keep on top of my calling/job, by seeing which adoption agencies are working in Haiti and who is adopting from where and fees and all that jazz. usually ends up with me looking at more photos of Haiti and wishing I was making another trip soon...sooner than I really will be since we are still in IBESR. It got me to missing my two kids that are still there something awful. I felt so very empty, like a big hole was in my heart and an emptiness in my arms...makes them ache. It is hard for some to understand, unless you have actually been there...done that...type of situation.

It is hard to explain the love you have for a child that is yours that you are not pregnant with or can feel with you every day kicking. Some families have not yet met their children and they still feel that love for them, just from a is VERY powerful. You can look at a picutre of a child that looks nothing like you and KNOW that this is to be your child, that God has given them to you. You wait for this child and the wait time is determined by something so far out of your control in a country that is typically run by bribes and greed and is a trust building exercise for sure.

Now I have NEVER been accused of being patient, I don't believe I ever will be either. However, I have tried to learn to trust in what God has told me about my children and that they will be home in HIS timing and NOT mine! This is a prayer that I seek for him to answer for me in the ability to trust in him and his timing and control over the situation. I know that I need to pray for the ability to turn it over to him...TOTALLY..which I am also not good at.
Until I am I will be destined to feel the ache in my heart and my arms and to hold onto the hope that my kids will be home soon!

I will pray for the empty hearts of the other moms and dads out there who feel the same way. Pray that our kids are home soon and that until they are we are peaceful with the timing and process for his great name!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Just a Post

I thought I would take amoment to post since I am up. It is 1am my time and I haven't gone to bed yet.
I have alot of things on my mind, big things that don't allow sleep to come.
I have the following prayers:

My children home from Haiti
Everyone's children home from Haiti
Safety and protection for our friends in Haiti
Haiti's government and new IBESR appointment (I pray about this alot!)
Financial respite as we adjust to Curt's new job, which will take him to new heights of managership where he wants to be.
Safety for the troops over seas
Safety for our Missionary friends oversees
Faith to hear and follow what the Lord is telling us to do wether we can see the bigger picture or not right now and wether we feel supported or not by the people around us.
Prayers for those around us that do not have a belief at all, and that they may feel our prayers for them

Gotta try and sleep...
Good night and God Bless

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer Fun

Today was a good day for summer fun. We started the day at the park for lunch and spent the afternoon at the pool. Below are some pic's of the kids with their good friends Zach and Annie.

Hunter being the pro back floater.

Hunter and Demi Roo with Zach and Annie

Demi Roo on the slide!

Demi Roo and her friend Annie.

Hunter enjoying lunch at the park!

Tooth Gone....

Well, BooBoo had to have his tooth "wiggled out" by a friendly pair of dentist pliers today. Longest part was the numbing and the tooth was free in 2.2 that was an expensive 2.2 seconds. :-/
Hunter is doing well and plans on swimming this afternoon after his lip gets off the floor. ;-)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer Begins

Nothing really to post today other than summer vacation has begun.
Summer has just begun, today being the first official day, and my children are already killing each other. ***sigh***
I don't think I am insane enough so I am just going to add 2 more to the squabble and see what happens! ;-)
Tomorrow afternoon we are off to swim, hopefully everyone will be to water logged to fight and I wont burn to bad.

PS. Prayers for Hunter tomorrow (Tuesday) he has to go to the dentist in the AM to possibly have a tooth pulled. He has a stubborn baby tooth that wont fall out and his permanent is coming in behind it pushing and grinding the baby tooth. :-(

Sunday, June 04, 2006

C-Man & Mitch 6-2-06

Here is the newest of my Haiti Babies we are waiting for. They look happier than some of the photos I get from the orphanage, that makes me happy. C-Man is a smiler, but Mitch is one to just be have to know some serious intel to get her to smile for you! ;-)

Does anyone think she notices the headless barbie she is holding???hehehe

Dog Days of BooBoo...

Here is BooBoo hanging his head out the window like a dog. He thought it would be fun to let his lips flap in the wind like a labrador......made us laugh something serious....I had tears in my eyes it was so funny....flap, flap, flap...eeww, a bug! ;-)
He even figured out a way to do it while using his seatbelt appropriately...something he wasn't doing here. He tells us we just try to take the fun out of everything!

Roo and Teacher

Here is Roo with her favorite kindergarten Teacher in the world....Mrs. Scherer. She taught Roo so much this year it is amazing!

Roo Graduation Photo

Here is Roo after her graduation...we were all smiles!
Notice the two teeth missing on the top!! ;-)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Roo Moves on...

Well, tonight Roo graduates from Kindergarten. I am hoping I can get thru the night and not cry. For a while she was the youngest, still is in a sense since the other kids are not home yet. I always wondered if this would be 'my baby' graduating and then I would be done.....however the good Lord had other plans and we will soon (I hope) have two others to add and see graduate. I know that they will be singing their School Theme Song, BINGO, I don't Know Why She Swallowed A Fly" and I am not sure what else. Another milestone for one of kiddos makes me sad, happy and proud all at confusing. ;-)
Post pic's later....