Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Moms Night Out

YES!! I just got back from a wonderful moms night out with the PTO moms I serve with. We had a nice dinner sans hubbies and kids...refreshing! ;-)
We had planned to go to a Fondue place, The Mona Lisa. We went in at 6pm and they told us you had to have reservations since they only staff for the people they are going to have that night. WHAT? Interesting for a place that serves meals at $25 a person (thank goodness the PTO was paying for it!) Anyway, they told us if we wanted to wait an hour he could have a waiter come in to serve us...the place was DEAD. We bagged off and decided to go to the Outback.
We ate so much I think I rolled out of there. Dinner, drinks and dessert. I had one drink, peachy alcoholic drink....which is rare for me since I am a lush. The moms were hoping I would jump on the table and get arrested just to see themselves on the 10pm news. hehe Our waiter was no help since he told me that the poles in the place had been sanded and if I pole danced I would not get splinters in my thighs....o...k....
Anyway, it was a wonderful night out with the mommies which I needed badly.
Off to bed now so I can rest up for the alarm to go off at 6am and get all of us to school for field day....almost done for the year!!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Well, we have been waiting to get out of IBESR (Haitian Social Services) for about 4 months now. We are anxious since we don't have any idea on a time frame since it can vary from 2 weeks to 10 months in some cases....just depends on how much of an a-hole the Director wants to be. Well, the Director we have currently is a BIG a-hole and has not been signing unless bribes are given.

Most days people ask us why we don't have our children home yet, when are they coming, how are you surviving this? I know that they may feel like we are being scammed, if they don't know
what I do as a calling and that I have done this twice for our family and more than I can count for others. I never really have an answer for them other than it will all happen in God's timing, not ours. Hard thing to remember some days, but well worth it though. ;-)

You see, we decided to adopt Kai last May I believe...it has now been a year of people knowing we were adopting. We added Nikaya on in late August early September when she came to the orphanage. Our home study was began in June, our social worker had 3 weeks off, papers came to us slowly etc. and we didn't get our completed dossier to Haiti until November. In the grand scheme of things, being in Haiti since November and it being May is not a bad time frame.....just all the crap that had to take time beforehand and everyone knowing we were adopting has made our time frame seem unimaginable to most...and some days, us!

I went in Feb, to see our kids. To meet Nikaya for the first time and to see Kai for the first time as my child. It was amzing trip. I spent 4 wonderful days with my babies taking care of them at the guest house. Kai remembered me and Nikaya would have NOTHING to do with me. ;-) I cannot blame her though, I was probably the first white person she had ever seen and I wanted to put my lips all over her! Haiti had been fairly volatile and mission trips had been stalled and no one was able to travel until recently.
I am happy to say that after about 1 hour, several animal crackers and convincing, she thought I wan't that bad after all. Once she decided I was ok I was not allowed to put her anywhere but on my hip...she was like a leech, and I loved it. Kai adapted much easier since he is older, but still checked me out from time to time. One incident is when Kai grabbed a washcloth and tried to wash off my tattoo. He kept telling Dr. Bernard that someone had drawn on his mama. This was not good for Dr. B to know since he didn't know I had a tattoo.

This is not to say that Dr. B would have a problem with my tattoo....but it is alot like telling your father that you did something that you don't think he would be very proud of. He examined my ankle and tattoo (which is religious) and then took a closer look at my nose piercing, several ear piercings etc (which total 9 cranial accessories as my hubby says). He smiled and said that he is glad he knew my heart before he knew my face and that I was beautiful in the eyes of God. I gave him a hug and we laughed. I know that he would have liked me in spite of the piercings and tat, but in Haiti they are not things you see...I think at all. I did get quite a few stares, but nothing I could not handle. ;-) Just thought I would bring a little 'culture' to Haiti! hehe

Well, I am rambling and the kids want breakfast, I had better go!

Until later!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006


This is our youngest who is still in Haiti. Mitch turned 2 May 16th. Sorry we missed your birthday sweety..it will be the last one I promise!
Mitch seems to enjoy any toy you give her, any food other than m&m's and was learning to walk while I was in Haiti. She walks around like a little drunk monkey....so cute!! Also While I was there she learned to say "HEY MA" to get my attention....it was priceless!
I am frightened by the length of her hair at such a young age...I am in trouble. She is a firecracker for sure!!

C-Man The Mac Daddy

Here is my youngest son in Haiti. I love the shirt...it is about 90* and he has on long sleeve satin shirt..totally pimping! ;-) C-Man will be 5 in July, he has a smile that is infectious.
When I spent time with C-Man I found out he LOVES any kind of food, playing hackie sack, and friends. We cannot wait to get him home along with his new sister....I will post her next!

BooBoo time...

Here is my boy enjoying the snow also. Amazing since the kid thinks he is freezing all the time! ;-)
BooBoo is going into the 4th grade. Now that makes you feel old when your oldest is now 9 years of age...YIKES! Hunter enjoys karate, reading, playing playstation and anything anime. He may be adopted but he is TO much like his father when it comes to nerdy computer geek stuff! ;-)


Here is my little doll Roo enjoying snow this winter. Isn't she cute???!!!
Demi is our soon to be middle child. She enjoys cooking, watching cooking shows and playing with her barbies. She is a sweety who is going into 1st grade this next year..makes mommy feel sad to see one of her babies getting so big! She has done amazingly well in school and is ready to read...not so good for mom and dad since we cannot spell anything around either kid now. ;-)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Trying something New

Here I am, trying something new.....hope it turns out ok.