Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home Again, Home Again..Jiggity Jig

We made it home Saturday night about 7pm. Not bad for getting to spend time with family. We are all tired and grumpy from being stuck in a van with each other. 3 hours to Walla Walla, stay the night (no sleep there since I LOVE talking to my cousin Shane and his wife Kendra). On the road again Friday am to Quincy (another 3 hours). Enjoyed seeing family there, some I have not seen since I was a child and some I have never met.

Grandma Goldie's funeral was nice. It was great to hear from others in the community about someone you love. I have always been a giver, money or food to strangers etc....now I know where I got it from....Grandma Goldie never knew a stranger and was known to feed anyone who ever needed food! ;-P

Friday we stayed at my Cousin Kym's house. LOVE it....she has 4 kids (all teens or young adults now, and 1 grand daughter Bella. Bella is 2 and LOVED to play with the Little's while the Big's like to play with the older kids. We didn't get back from the funeral, dinner and 3 hour drive until 10pm, but it was still nice to stay and visit. Had little sleep that night as well.....my Aunt Pam is a snorer!!! (hehehe....thought I would get ya Pam...) I don't sleep well anyway, someone else's house is always hard for me.

Ride home was great and I am glad to be home. The kids can run amok and get ready for school tomorrow. They had the gall to ask me this morning when we are going back and when the next road trip will be......YIKES!

I did not get to meet up with my Friend Julie...SORRY JULIE! I should hope to be back Nov. 10th for my Cousin Mandy's wedding....so unless you are in Haiti getting your boys we should get together...more time to plan.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

3 Mile Mark

Today I hit the 3 mile mark. I walked 3 miles in one walk!!! I am so excited. I have been doing my 2.5 mile walk almost daily...whether inside on the treadmill (boring....) or outside in the big world (which I prefer). Today I kept walking and wanted to see what I could do. I really think I could have gone a little further, but didn't want to push myself... I knew I had kids and a hubby at home that wanted fed and wanted to be able to walk tomorrow...hehe I did my walk and then took the car to see how far I had gone....3 MILES!!!! Not bad for a fat chick! So far I have lost 16lbs!!! :-)

Oct. 6th I am taking Hunter, Demi and Kai for a 1 mile Harvest walk....it should be a blast! I am taking Nikaya if they let me push the stroller.....

Newest Adventure

Getting ready to take an adventure. I am taking the 4 kids to Walla Walla, Washington for the night on Thursday, then to Quincy, Washington to a funeral on Friday and then to Cousin Shane and Kendra's in Milton Freewater, Oregon Friday night and home Saturday. My Great Grandma Goldie, a Wonderful old broad, passed away at the rip age of 91. She was hoping to make it as old as her father, who passed away at 108. It will be nice to see family again, but I hate that it has to be due to a funeral. The kids will see some family they have never met, and will see others they have only seen once or twice. It will be good to go and visit since I don't see many of them often due to distance.
I wonder if I am crazy....taking 4 kids by myself on a road trip. At least the one leg of the journey is 3 hours, then we have a 'sleep over' with cousins...then another 3 hour journey for a funeral. I am borrowing Tracey's portable DVD players so the kids have something to do and hopefully leave me be for the drive....I will let you know if my sanity survives when I get back.
Curtis will be enjoying life as a bachelor (with a house, cats, dogs, fish and turtle to feed), but alone none the less....TV to himself, computer all night long and NO NOISE. Maybe I should send HIM on the trip and I stay home.
Peace my peeps!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

OOPPSS..Demi's Tooth

I noticed that I forgot to post about Demi and her tooth.

Labor day, Demi was taking a shower for school the next day. She was turning around and slid and fell in the shower. When she fell, her face landed on the lip of the shower where the floor meets the door. She jammed her right permanent tooth UP into her gums and almost into her sinus cavity.
I heard a thump, scream (from Demi) and a swear word (from my hubby). He started yelling for me to come help. I called my mommy (what you always do when you freak out) to see who she would call since the Dentist was not answering his phone and there was no emergency number given. I called the Dentist at his home and left him a message..hoping and praying that he would get it and call me back. Within 5 minutes he returned our call and said to meet him at his office.
At first we thought she had knocked her tooth out, but it was still in her mouth, but shoved way up into the gum line. It tore her gums, cut her lip open on the bottom and chewed her inner lip to shreds. The Dentist was so good to her. He numbed her up and had to use 3 different pliers to pull the tooth out. He put it back where it belongs and bonded it with a wire to her 4 other front teeth, in hopes that it will knit bone back to it and not be lost for good. This tooth lost was a permanent tooth and right in the front. It did not break the root, but broke the bone all around it disconnecting the tooth from the skull....yeah, it hurt that bad!!!
We will go back in the next couple of weeks to check the viability of the tooth in hopes it can be saved. If not, she will have to wear a retainer with a fake tooth on it until she is old enough for an implant.
Demi has done well with all of it, knowing that she is beautiful even if she doesn't have a front tooth!
Keep the prayers up for her tooth to be saved.

Dinner, Birthdays and Toes

Saturday Demi Roo had a sleep over with her friend Annie. Annie was celebrating her 8th B-day...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!!

We went to dinner with Curt's Aunt Peggy and her ex-hubby Don. Don't get weird, her and Don are best friends and he is a great guy. We enjoyed getting to see them, especially since Don is heading off today, Wednesday, for his home country of Sri Lanka for 6 months. We had a great time guys and wish Don a safe trip home to see family. Peg-you need to call us if you get bored...I am always up for a movie!!!

Curt celebrated his 37th birthday September 5th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE HANDSOMEST HUBBY EVER!!! He turned 37...3 years until his mid life crisis he says!! :-P
During his lovely birthday weekend, he stubbed his little toe on his right foot and broke it..YOUCH!!! He is limping along nicely with a toe that is twice the size of normal and many shades of purple, green, yellow and blue. He is currently sporting sandals with socks to work (can you say SEXY) since his shoes do not fit. hehehe ( I promised Gimpy Joe I wouldn't laugh, but I cannot help it..)

Demi's mouth is healing up nicely, we go back in another week or so to see how the tooths viability is doing. We are hoping to see some bone growth going on and that the tooth can be saved! Keep up the prayers!

That is all that is happening with the Kovick clan for now...blessings to everyone out there

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Last night I got the gig of a lifetime....at least for me. hehe
I worked as Ring Side Medic for the XFS fights. This is a huge arena that houses many pro activities. This was an Amateur fight, however, meeting with the management and promotion team that runs the Pro fights puts me in good running for the job of Medic for their events. Needless to say, they liked my 'work' and the fighters are learning who I am...amateur and Pro. I am very excited to go and hang and watch the fights, a big hobby of mine, use my Medic skills and get to know a lot of people. I had several people come up to me from the audience later and tell me that they thought I did a great job and was very attentive to the fighters and their needs. The Judges are getting to know me and know that I know what I am doing.....YEAH! The fighters as well as the Judges know that I am willing to "be the bad guy" when it comes to calling a fight due to injury"...even when I am booed. I was booed last night by my largest crowd ever...around 1500-2000 people....I LOVE making new friends.hehe
Post more later on if I get the gig......for now it looks like I am doing another Medic job on Oct. 6th at a smaller venue and then possibly the larger venue again Oct. 27th!!!