Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Game Time Baby

Lately we have been a flurry of activity. BooBoo has mad 2 basketball games and has shown an aggressive side that we were not sure he had. He is jumping up and stuffing the players on the opposing team so they cannot get a shot, getting fouled and making his free throws like a pro. Tonight he led his team to victory in Overtime. Official stats were- ‎5 points, 2 rebounds, 3 steals, and 2 assists (one of which was for the go ahead score).

Roo has competed in 2 cheer competitions, taking 1st in both. I have to say that their performance last Sat. 22nd, they were in TOP performance. Mistakes that troubled them in the past seemed to fade away and they made it look easy....all of us parents were proud, the girls were proud of themselves as well.

C-Man has had 1 basketball game and 1 Bye week....try to explain Bye week to a kid that LOVES to run and 'do' his chosen sport on Saturday's..haha I think he is finally getting the idea of the game, but at his age they still travel with the ball like they are on vacation. ;-)

Mitch had her first Cheer performance and LOVED IT! Not only did she do the dance, but she finishes the routine up in the front left side of the group in FULL SPLITS....she is so excited to be able to show off her splits for anyone and everyone who will let her.

Curt and I are enjoying going to the various activities, but it can be tiring at times...we try to remind ourselves that we can rest when they are grown and we are retired!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Fun Begins

Today starts our 1.5 months of Hell...hehe
Tonight we will venture to Mitch's cheer practice from 5-6:15pm. 6:30pm we begin Roo's cheer practice.
Saturday AM we have Mitch's first performance (will post pics of her in her cheer uniform later) as well as practice for Roo and C-Mans first Basketball game.
Later in the afternoon (3pm) Roo is having 3 friends accompany her to get their toes and nails done and hair coiffed and then sleepover and bow making to celebrate her 11th year of life, she is so excited!

Since I have been gone so long from here, I did not commemorate Roo's Bday very well....I will hopefully be able to put up new pics of ALL the kids soon (read: once I get them to work and can scan them) so everyone can see how they have grown.

Well, off to enjoy the weekend and HOPEFULLY get some rest as well!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Catching Up

WOW, have I been gone a LONG TIME! ;-) TRYING to make a New Years Resolution to write here more often. I find it therapeutic to purge, and this may be a good spot to do it.

Been busy as usual. 4 kids seems to take it all out of me...of course, add in working full time and 4 kids activities and life in general and POOF-days do NOT have enough hours in them.

Kids are all growing. BooBoo is 13.5, Roo is 11, C-Man is 9 and Mitch is 6. The older two have passed me in height, not that this is an amazing feat, but thought I would mention it any way. hehe

Curtis brother Derek has had his 2nd and LAST!!! Liver transplant. He got he call the weekend of Curtis 40th birthday. We threw Curt on a plane and got him up there in time to see Derek get wheeled into O.R. He spent his 40th birthday on a funky couch in the hospital, taking turns with his sister, Heather, to make sure Derek had someone with him all the time. Not really your favorite way to spend a b-day, but he would not have given it up for the world.

Curtis is still working in the same place and enjoying it very much. He has become quite the salesman when it comes to fixing your commercial sprinkler ad fire alarm items..hehe
I am still working at ISE doing Front Office Diva. I am a Jack of all Trades, Master of none. Still get to work Fights every 6-8 weeks, NICE....blood, guts and fun stuff.

I have so much in my head, but fear blog-o-ria if I am not careful....will try to process more before I lay it all out here.