Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mercy Me - I can Only Imagine

Ok...I am not a total heathen.:-P I love this group and song as well. It is hard for me to listen to this song and not cry. Abosolutely beautiful.
I have always thought this song represented the way you might feel when you meet the Lord himself. I had never thought of it as meeting someone you have loved and lost.
Great song...enjoy

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fight night is Saturday 6pm. I always get excited to see the fighters in the cage...not everyone's cup of tea I know, but I love it.
There is about 13 fights 26 fighters to check pre-fight.....Fun times.
This will be the first time my hubby has gone to watch me do my thing...I am anxious for him to meet the fighters that I have gotten to know. They are a great group of guys and are a blast to hang with.
I will have quite a few people to go with me. My hubby, Eric (my brother, who usually goes), my uncle Ben may go with his Nephew so I can introduce his nephew to the fighters. He is an amateur boxer and would like to meet some cool guys he could train with and make some connections in the fight world, I am just glad I can help him where I can. Maybe he will remember me when he is a big fighter on Spike TV and take me along. :-P
I will post Sunday how the fights went...pray for an easy major injury free night, good referees and fighters to put on a good show for the crowd.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Peek into my Life

Below I have posted 2 videos from my favorite band Linkin Park. LP has been around for quite a while. The second video (One Step Closer) is from their first CD Hybrid Theory. The last video (What I've Done) is from their most recent CD, Minutes to Midnight.
My hubby, children and I all love this band. They say alot to the way people feel in their lives. Each song (both drastically different) mean a lot to me. I hope you listen and TRY to enjoy my crazy taste in music. hehe

Linkin Park - What I've Done

Same band as below...LINKIN PARK. LP has been my favorite for years. The first video is from their first CD, this video is from their most recent one. If you ask my dad...they still suck...hehehe

Linkin Park- One Step Closer

My Favorite band of all time! (Along with my hubby and 4 Haitian children who are now headbangers!!) LINKIN PARK....a little insight into my life....hehehehe
I played this song for Dr. Bernard in Haiti one time....he laughed so hard..and for the first time in his life said he was SPEECHLESS!!! No one can EVER make that man speechless! :-P

funny driving prank

This absolutely cracked me up!!!

I have a Cankle

Ok...I did my walk today with my foot sore before I went. I went 2.5 miles and WAMMO...that sucker is HUGE! I now have a gorgeous cankle. I put an ace wrap on it and need to have it
x-rayed eventually to make sure there is nothing more wrong with it. I am not sure if it is my Fibromyalgia or something much more. All I know...IS IT HURTS AND IT IS HUGE!!!

So, I may be off the walking a little to do sit ups, push ups etc...that can;t hurt the old cankle can it?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Diet..UGH

Ok. I have yet to say that I am on a diet....I am going for the lifestyle change instead of diet...easier on the mind and body :-)
So far, I have lost 18lbs. I have noticed, hubby has noticed, not many others mention it other than they see me all over the neighborhood with my Mp3 and tennies walking all over the place. I can go as far as 4 miles, but I pay for it the next day with leg cramps and a swollen right ankle. Every since I dislocated all my toes on the right foot by kicking my coffee table my foot has NEVER been the same. Anyhoo....I pay for it dearly so I decided to stay safer with the 3 mile walk instead...still have pain, but that extra mile kills. :-P I have started to count calories just to see how many I am eating, and I am staying in a pretty good area for weight loss. I have cut out a lot of things and find that I don't miss them as much now that I have gotten over the withdrawls.
I will post progress later...maybe I will post a photo of me in my bikini....HEHEHEHEHE that you have all left to vomit, I will say KIDDING!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Child Like Me....

I received this from the author, Lisa Schlitt. She has amazing adoption poetry. I will see if she has a website for those of you who want to get her stuff...WOW!

I wish I had a digital picture of the day I first met Kai. This poem is HIM. It takes me back to the day that I met him, in his stained shirt, scarred hand and eyes of a child that had been in the orphanage for a while without a family. He HAS this smile that lights up a room, EVERYONE says it. It is the thing that drew me to him first off. I read this and got tears in my eyes...this is my little Kai Ceus.....

With saddened eyes and head bent low,
It’s damaged goods most see,
With an unclear past and broken heart,
Who would want a child like me?

I watch you walk into the room,
From a distance I can see,
But dare I take a closer step?
Who would want a child like me?

And then I see you look my way,
You smile so tenderly,
But do I even dare to dream,
You would want a child like me?

And then as if I spoke out loud
You approach me cautiously,
I try so hard to just believe,
She will want a child like me.

But can I once let down my guard,
And trust that she will see,
Hiding beneath this old stained shirt,
Is a beautiful child like me?

My smile they say lights up a room,
I’ll be good as good can be,
“Oh Please Dear God, let her want,
A special child like me.”

I feel her hand reach out for mine,
And within her eyes I see,
A single, tiny, shining tear,
Could she want a child like me?

And when she holds me in her arms,
There’s no place I’d rather be,
For in my heart the truth is clear,
“The child she wants is ME!

Lisa J Schlitt©2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Restaveks: Child Slaves of Haiti

Please spend the few minutes to watch this.

Titus 2

The kdis and I have started to try a new church. It is the same church the children attned AWANA's at, they know people, are well received and have just started a children's church during the main sermon. Sunday was our first day to try it. I got the kids set in the classes they needed, along with Zach and Annie (my frined Tracey's two kids who I take to AWANA's as well)...the kids all call my van the God bus and get on it Wed. and now Sun. to take them to learn about God. :-)
Once I got everyone settled I asked where the adults go to Sunday school and they pointed me tot he meeting room. Well, it has been a LONG time since i have been in Sunday school, but I was SOOO LOST. The guy was talking about the history of the Bible and how it covers the Roman empire etc....WOW...not really what I wanted to learn. Afterwards, while my head was spinning, I ran into one of the gals in my neighborhood during fellowship time. Come to find out, I should be in the beginner class as I had gone to the Adult advanced portion. Whew....I thought I was an idiot!!! ;-P
The kids and I enjoyed the service and will probably attend again next week as well as AWANAS's on Wednesday.
I came home fed everyone lunch and then napped a little took my walk and showered and went back for Women's fellowship time. They are teaching a class called TITUS 2.

Titus 2 is a class led by the Pastor's wife and it is teaching from the Bible chapter of Titus Chapter 2 verses 3-5. She also uses a book, which she will be ordering all of us...I can't think of the name of it off the top of my head though. It was a great class on how to properly be your hubby's greatest fan. How God gave woman the role of HELPER of the family and the hubby, NOT the leader. Now, don't get me is NOT about being a mindless droll without an opinion, but to help your hubbies in the daily calling of leader of the family. We are the encourager, the companion and cheerleader for our husbands and all that they do...this allows them to lead the family as they were called to do by God. It was interesting listening to her read from this book about how what a woman says can truly affect what her hubby does and how he reacts to it, even internally. It was truly amazing and I look forward to taking the class from here and getting involved in a hopefully wonderful ministry....we shall see how it goes.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Matrix..What a Band!

Last night I had a lot of fun and sadness all at the same time.

I went to a local bar to watch a friend play drums in his band 'Matrix'. I have known Larry and his wife Paula since High School and I thought I would go and listen and enjoy people watching as I am not much of a drinker.
I have to say, I have never been a bar goer, and see why. I mean, when I walk in it isn't like I wouldn't fit in with all my piercings and tattoo, but the type of people I saw and the lives that they lead made me sad for them.
I saw people who were worn, 'rode hard and put away wet' they say. The women in their short skirts and the men eyeing them all the time.....they knew it. I saw the ones that the bartenders knew by name because this was their only hangout, their weekend (if not daily) routine.

I focused on one guy in particular. He stood out to me because I had recognized him. He looks exactly like a guy that fought at the XFS fights I worked last time. I knew it wasn't THE guy, but one of his family members, as they all looked alike...beautiful eyes, kind of grisly biker type with full beards and flat noses from to many breaks. He stumbled around the bar. If someone sat at his table he would get up and move to another one. He never spoke to anyone and would occasionally laugh at a joke that no one told but the voice in his head. I watched him drink beer after beer and retreat outside with some of the other patrons to partake in drug use I am sure. He would rummage thru his pockets on his cammo pants and pull out a handful of pills and put them in his mouth and swallow them with a swig of beer. His eyes were empty...his soul was empty. I felt so bad for him, thinking about how he and many like him only look forward to the next drink and drug, and it made me sad. I found myself saying a prayer for him and he is so lost in this world. I wonder if he passed away, what difference did he make in the world? It isn't to say that no one would miss him, but would anyone really notice?

I came home and told Curtis that I had a blast, the band was GREAT but the people I saw were sad. He reminded me why we don't go to bars and what did I think I was going to see. I guess I have just not thought much about it.
I think the look in the guys eyes will haunt me for a while, the look of lost. How I wanted to just bring him home and make him see that there is so much more to life than bars, booze and drugs. Of course, I think Curtis would draw the line at me bringing home odd drunks at all hours of the morning to save them. :-)