Sunday, March 25, 2007


Curtis and I measured the kids today.

Since they have been home, Kai Ceus has grown over 2 1/2 inches in height.

Nikaya has grown 2 inches.

Since January Hunter has grown 1 inch and Demi Roo has grown another 1/2 inch as well......I think they are growing to fast and need to stop it! :-P

I am excited for shorts season for Demi Roo....her pants are all now high waters and it is time to stock up on Capri pants to wear as well as shorts. I stock up on the Capri's and she can wear them with socks thru out the winter when it is mild, that way she doesn't look like she is waiting for a flood. hehe

Hunter is looking in to playing football ( I am nervous for my first baby, but he needs to get a little more outdoor play). I am not sure how I feel about tackle games, but he will have pads. I try to remember all the times he fought Muay Thai and how that compares...he will be fine!

Demi Roo is continuing with cheer leading. She has cheered at 2 Mayor's games and one other youth game in the last few weeks. She is doing well and has learned to master cartwheels and round off's quite well. She is now teaching Kai and Nikaya on the trampoline.

Kai is anxious for school to start. He is looking forward to riding the school bus and going to AWANA church (as he calls it). He has spent so much time on the trampoline with Demi and Nikaya that I swear they will wear it out. He is sleeping better now that he is being kept busy and getting the energy out of his little body.

Nikaya is anxious for AWANA church as well. She will turn 3 in May and when it starts up again this next September she will be old enough to be a Cubbie. She is excited to go and learn and play with the other kids. She has mastered the front somersault on the trampoline and is trying to do the tricks all the big kids do. Wont take her long. I am glad we have a net all the way around the trampoline. This allows even Nikaya to jump and not fall off.

Both Kia and Nikaya got used to Mammy and Pappy's dogs Sassy (Dingo Healer mix) and Sweetie (Golden Retriever). Sassy and Sweetie were here for 15 days while M & P enjoyed their Anniversary trip to Hawaii. While they tanned and enjoyed the ocean and sun, we sat here with mild weather and dog farts....NOT a fair trade if you ask me. I will post pic's of the kids giving Sassy and Sweetie a tea party.....the dogs looked THRILLED. hehe

Getting Better

Well so far I feel like I might get back to my old self sometime in the future. I will continue taking my Lunesta to help me sleep and work on trying to not let things get to me so not to be such a perfectionist with the stupid stuff. hehe

I know I need to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the kids for who and what they are, my beautiful blessings. I need to TRY not to worry about the house not being picture perfect and if someone comes and there are toys on the floor they can always step over them or choose not to visit. I will have SOME extra help as Curtis will be done with school for a while and will be able to help out a little more when he is home instead of doing homework non stop. He can also bring work home to catch up on it and earn some over time pay as well.

I have felt a tremendous frustration with the office I work with in Haiti. The communication has been almost non existent lately and I am frustrated for my families. Things move at the speed of sap in the winter, but when you are hearing nothing about your babies it can be an overwhelming feeling. I will be calling AGAIN this week to see if I can jar any info. out of them that I can for the families that are waiting. I have several that should either be traveling soon, getting out of IBESR (Haitian Social Services) or getting referrals (always a fun the stork for me!!)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My 10 Year Olds Question

For those of you that have never met my almost 10 year old son Hunter, I wanted to post to you a question he asked me this evening.He is extremely bright and floors us with the things he says and does, here is his question...

Mom, will global warming make us vegetarians?

WHAT? Maybe I need more Lunesta!!!

What is Going On

Lets see. Kai has lost ANOTHER tooth, his second in the same number of weeks! Yeah for the tooth fairy, the kid will be loaning me money soon!

Went to the Muay Thai fights last night as Medic again. Pretty good, a couple of our Sidekick fighters won some big matches. I butterfly bandaged several eye cuts etc. Most interesting of the night was a guy that broke his cheek bone and it dislodged his eyeball....yes folks, his eyeball was somewhat gouged out....EEWW Anyway, we sent him to the hospital to have it put back in. Hopefully he will not have to have to much surgery etc...pray for the poor fella will ya?!

Curtis is finishing up this block of schooling. I think he is going to take a break for a while. He is feeling in a rut and that he is missing out on time with us fun people we call family!

Got the kids social security cards in the we can add them to our taxes as our children, that is always good. hehe

My Assistant Amy is officially/unofficially gone from Heritage now. I like my new assistant, but she isn't Amy. I got her a card to send and hope it gets to her before she leaves for Spain apartment hunting...she and I found some awesome places on the internet...mansions..hehehe. I feel like I am losing a limb. I like that her number will stay a US number and she and I can email, but I will miss her just the same.

I am going to the Dr. tomorrow to see how I am doing, well, to discuss how I am doing. As you may be able to see, I am posting this at 11:49pm Mountain time...I have taken Lunesta and I am STILL awake. I am hoping to get a couple more 'normal' weeks in and see where I am at then. I will update more after my appointment.

Better go to bed for tonight....6:30am comes early here!

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Lost Tooth

Kai got to experience his first ever loose tooth!
I told him Thursday that his tooth was loose and would be coming out soon. Low and behold, he and Hunter, Demi Roo and Nikaya and friends were jumping on the trampoline and Hunter went to kick and hit Kai right in the smoocher. OUT flew Kai's tooth and blood began to run down his lip. At first everyone was a little freaked out by the blood, but once I calmed them down and showed Kai the hole in his mouth he thought it was pretty cool. We went back to the trampoline to find the tooth...could not find it anywhere. All of a sudden, Hunter says "oh, here it is...on my pant leg". There was Kai's tooth stuck to the leg of Hunter's jeans. hehe

Thursday night the tooth fairy came to visit and Kai got his first ever tooth fairy money. That kid would go NO WHERE without his tooth fairy money. When I tried to convince him to leave it at home, he swore someone would take it. I finally convinced him to leave it for our Birthday swim party on Friday....thank goodness....and when he came home it was right where he left it just as I had promised! ;-)

A big first for our little we will work on bike riding....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A New Experience

Today Kai and Nikaya got to enjoy a new experience.....a movie in a theater.
I took Demi Roo, Kai and Nikaya to 'Happy Feet' at the dollar theater....well, actually $2.00 theater, but who is counting..
We had popcorn and a lemonade and enjoyed the show...the kids LOVED the music and dancing in the movie and sat well for it, especially for their first time. Hunter and Curt went to see '300' a big epic picture that we knew the littler kids would not enjoy. Good thing, Curt said the movie was good, but really graphic violence and some sexual content. Hunter loved the battle scenes, but spent some time with his eyes closed during the scenes he shouldn't see. All in all, everyone had fun and we met at home and must now make dinner.....a mommies job is never done!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


As of lately I have been struggling health wise. Starting in Novemeber 2006, I had emergency gallbladder surgery. One month to the day we arrived in Haiti for 10 days....lifting kids and traveling international when I had not gotten clearance to go anywhere. January was pretty good for all of us, than February hit. February has been wrought with colds, flu, back pain and stress for me. Curtis is going to school and is not as readily able to help in the child care area as we had hoped. I know that struggling health wise has caused my mental faculties to suffer as well. I am not being the mommy I had hoped to be. I am crabby, snappy and all around a big boob to be around sometimes. I have talked to other families who have had some of the same symptoms and have pretty much figured out that I have Post Adoption Depression Syndrome. PADS is alot like Post Partum Depression....but for the adopter as opposed to the birther....make sense? I know, no one had better go Scientologist on me and tell me I could make myself better with some colonic or something...hehe
Anywhoo...I have an appointment with my Dr. on Monday to have him evaluate me and get my med's adjusted. As someone who suffers from depression and Fibromyalgia anyways, it should not surprise me that I have this .

I am just struggling with the stigma that goes along with it. While I am moody and whiny and weepy, I have friends that do not understand. I usually hear "well, YOU are the one who went out and adopted the kids" or "You WANTED to add more kids to your family..." DUH...I know that, but it doesn't change hormones, mental issues etc...that can come along with a major life change. Makes me want to tell the ones that say that to stick it where the sun doesn't shine!!!
I am so happy to have the kids home, I would NOT change that for the world. What I cannot change and must deal with is that I have doubled my children and not the number of hours in the day, I did not grow another two arms to help out in the extra work, and I sure didn't get any extra brain cells to help me with their coming home issues etc. Don't get me wrong, the kids have bonded well and couldn't be better....they are needy, but I can deal with that. All I can say is that I am not the mommy I want to be right now.
I will post more once I go to the Dr. and can figure it all out. Until then, prayers would greatly be appreciated!!!

Picture Post

Here is a picture post from the last little bit.
1. Kai with Skittles...he loves that cat now
2. Kai in Hunter's sparring gear
3. Nikaya in sparring gear
4. Hunter ski night...boy learned how to snowboard
5. Kai, Demi Roo and Nikaya at Bball practice
6. Hunter and Coach Tony doing some drills