Friday, December 11, 2009

What's Up Pussy Cat

We have had many ups and downs the last month. A great guy from our church was hit by a VERY drunk driver, while he was on his way home from work. He was on a bicycle so he took the hit pretty hard. When he was hit, he fell and went head first into a fire hydrant. OOHHH...the pictures are enough to make you gasp. I am happy to say that he is recovering well at home now with his jaw wired shut for a broken jaw, arm in cast from broken wrist, and leg wrapped due to torn ligaments. God is good, no more surgery is needed and he is recovering faster than expected-good thing, I believe his skate board and new bike are missing him.

Mitch went to the Pediatric Gastroenterologist. She has had so many problems with her belly and her main Doc and I were out of ideas. We have her on a great med that is hopefully going to clean out the back log of...well..and then she will be on a maintenance dose for 6-9 months. Good thing for Curt and I, is that we now know it is not behavioral, but more of a defense system from things in her past. This has allowed us to remove the blame from ourselves, treat her accordingly and help her heal the correct way...AMEN!!!

We are enjoying life and getting Christmas shopping done slowly but surely. We are glad that most of our family has decided not to do Christmas gift drawings, since that really isn't the meaning of Christmas anyway, and we will all just get together and visit and eat-WONDERFUL, less expensive plan! ;-p

AS this time of year comes up, I often think of things I want to accomplish for the next year.
Lets see if I can name a few and possibly add to my Yearly Bucket List: (in NO order)
1. Lose weight and KEEP IT OFF
2. Pay off some bills
3. Get a new tattoo
4. Go on a REAL vacation as a family
5. Pray more
6. Attend Church more regularly (gotta get the I can'ts out of Sunday's)
7. Organize my home and life to run smoother-see pray more..hehe

Sure there is more, but tired and can't think of them right now.
Off to read and hit the hay for the weekend kid activities!