Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fight Night

Saturday was fight night, and what a night it was!!!
I had to call 3 fights to an end and was booed while in the ring. hehe
It was a night for facial cuts like no other. I had to call 3 fights due to bad cuts that would require stitches and you could see meat and bone underneath ( to much info I know). Anyway. people in the audience didn't like me calling the fights. At one point I was booed when I went into the ring for a badly bleeding fighter. Some of the people called me some pretty nasty names and wanted another person to do my job. Good thing that the promotors know I know what I am doing and calmed the crowd down. Once I got out of the ring, it had to be mopped due to all the blood. I had quite a bit of blood on my shirt the rest of the evening. All in all, the mat had to be mopped 2 times with rags and 1 time with a mop...nasty! ;-P
Had a lot of fun and some good fighters won title belts for their weight classes. Hunter is begging me to take him next time...I will have to think about it first though.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

An Answer

I had my HIDA Scan test yesterday. I have not gotten the official call from the Dr. yet, but the lady that did the test explained what I will hear.
A HIDA Scan tests your ejection fraction, the amount of time it takes for your gallbladder to fill up and then empty. To have one considered normal you need a 35% rating or more....Mine, 0%. That puppy isn't filling or emptying and will more than likley need to be removed soon to stop the pain that I am having.
I am glad to have an answer and an option to fix it. It kind of stink that the option is surgery so close to the holidays and the kids coming home, but I will do whatever to make myself 100% by the time we get them.
Thank the good Lord for getting me thru 15 hours of no food or water and the pin sticks for the IV, pain of morphine induced attack and sitting still for 1.5 hours for test! ;-)

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I called Dr. Bernard yesterday to check on passports for me and one of my families. Come to find out, Haitian Immigration has added steps to the passport process since a certain wealthy someone adopted Internationally and now several Countries are adding steps to assure that us wealthy adoptive parents are completing the process legally... Thanks to the person who did this....I wanted my kids home this century you big bunghole! ;-P

More Tests....

Today the Dr got my results from my ultrasound. They said it appears that I have stones in my gallbladder. This is not a surprise since most of the females on both sides of my family have all had their gallbladder out by the age of 36.....I will be 35 in December.

They want to do a HIDA scan next Wednesday. They said they are not 100% sure that the gallbladder was what was causing my pain.....I am ...... Pray for the following:
1. I can sit still for 2 hours to have the test
2. The dye does not make the ensuing gallbladder attack to much to handle
3. They get definitive results and can fix me

I prefer just to have the surgery to remove the gallbladder. I know that eventually I will have to have it done, and I prefer to have it done before my kids come home and I have little ones to care for.

Write more on that later...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Holiday's and Tests

Well, no news from Haiti today. Today is a Holiday in Haiti.....Death of the Father of The Country. Hopefully tomorrow I will hear more about passports for me and another waiting family and will know dossier placement for the several others who are waiting anxiously for ANY word.

Today was test day for me. I went to the hospital and had an unltrasound completed on my abdominal cavity. I am hoping this shows something so I can be diagnosed and given a solution and end to the pain I feel. The one downer to today...the ultrasound lady has to push down in order to see what she needs to see....this makes my fibromyalgia act up...OUCH! I feel a little like I have the flu..achy body and sore. I pray it will go away soon.

Hopefully more news on both fronts in the next day or two!
God bless to all who are reading!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Fast Growing Babies...

The newest photo of our fast growing babies. They look so ready to come home.


Dr. Visits

I spoke to the internal Dr. Friday, he is having me go in for a CT Scan on my gallbladder and reassured me that it is not my heart! ;-) So, I will be going in Tuesday am for a quick test to see how my gallbladder is doing. The Dr's are starting to lean that way since the majority of my family members have no gallbladders...had to be removed due to disease....isn't it nice what genetics shares with us all?
I will post what I find out later!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Quite a Scare

Well Friday turned out to be a scary day for me.

It actually started Thursday night for me. I got a horrible pain in my chest that after a while went away. Friday I got up and the pain was persistent but not as bad...I passed it off as bad Burger King Thursday night. hehe

Tracey and I took the kids to the movies, no school due to teacher state conference. During the movie the pain got worse again. I called my Dr. and he was out of the office, so I had Tracey take me to a quick care locally. I called Curtis and told him I was going...I was a little scared since the pain was getting a little worse again. Once at the clinic they took me right back. Hooked me up to monitors and told me that my heartbeat had some irregularities in it on the EKG. They told me I needed to go to the local ER and that I would have to go by Ambulance, car transport was NOT an option. Needless to day, I cried and freaked a little...come on, I am only 34...granted, I am fat, but I am young and mean if I wanna be. ;-P
The nurse put an IV in and gave me baby aspirin. The fireman and paramedic's arrived and carted me away to the in tears, Curtis with fear in his eyes.

The ER checked me again and again. Something was wrong with my EKG...abnormal rhythm and my blood pressure and pulse were off the charts...I was admitted to the ICU for observation and given nitro under the tongue and then a nitro patch on the chest. Now, if you have never had nitroglycerine let me tell you gives you a headache beyond headaches....OUCH!
Curtis finally left at 11:30pm. Well, actually I MADE him leave and told him to get something to eat and some rest. Hunter and Demi were with my wonderful friend Tracey for the night, or until I got out of the hospital. I talked to her on the phone Friday night and she was in tears. She told me she loved me and that I had better get out of the damn hospital or else! ;-P

I had many blood draws and wires hooked to me like you would not believe. I had to have someone with me if I wanted to move from my bed to go potty....I don't like vouyers...I had a several Friday night. hehe
After all the tests were run my cardiac enzymes came back damage to my heart PTL...and my stress test was stressful, but I passed with flying, sweaty colors! Do you know that they wash you with alcohol and THEN sand paper the area for the LED's to stick...OUCH again!
They have decided that I may have a hiatal hernia, ulcer or other blockage in my esophogus that caused it to spasm. I guess when your esophagus spasms can mimic heart pain since it is the same nerve controlling the same area. Good to know for next time!!!

I have been given a clean bill of heart health, but must now see a Dr. to have scope down my throat to see what is going on along with med's for stomach acid reduction. I am thankful that it was not my heart. I prayed so hard all Friday night. Even after sleeping pill I could not I prayed.

I am glad to be back home and even though the hospital took good care of me I am glad to be back where I am the boss. hehe ;-P

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mr. Cadet is gone!

For those of you who read the blog regularly you will know I speak of Mr. Cadet from IBESR in Haiti. He was head of Haiti's version of Social Services/Child Welfare. He was a crappy man and would sit on families adoption papers for ever for no good reason at all.
I am excited to say that rumor has become truth. Friday was Mr. Cadet's last day of work for IBESR!!!!!!!!! The man is no longer in charge of children's future...that alone should show a non believer that there is a God. :-P
We are not sure who the next IBESR Director will be, an interim one is to be taking the office shortly, but it has yet to be seen. Pray that the new Director is one with a good heart for the children and will do his or her job with integrity.

Passport Phase

Well, we have made it to the passport phase of the process in Haiti!!! This is wonderful since we were held up in Ministry of Interior for over a month, but have now been released. We went into passports Monday...PTL!
Not sure how much longer it will be. I have a family who has been in passports for over a month, but they got caught in the change over of Director's just as I did, just a different office. I am praying that all will go quickly this part of the process.
Once passports are received then birth parent interviews can be scheduled at USCIS (Immigration) in Haiti. Once they are done...we go get the kids!!!! I am so excited. I am still slightly guarded as far as a time line but pray to have them home by Thanksgiving. This time line is looking more like it could really be a reality, but after 16 months of waiting for my kiddos it is hard to believe it will be real soon.
More as soon as I hear it!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

St Gertrudes Monastery

I am not a catholic, and do not profess to know much about the religion. I will say, that most churches are to be honored while you are there, show respect and notice the beauty that surrounds you and feel God's presence, not matter what religion you profess to be.

Well, while granny and I were looking for the correction Facility we came upon this campus of huge buildings. The sign stated it was The Monastery of St. Gertrude of Helfta
A monastery of Nun's in Cottonwood Idaho...huh...who would have thunk it> ;-P
Granny and I noticed they had a sign that stated visitors were welcome and it was intriguing to say the least.
We went in and spoke with someone who told us that there was a self guided tour with brochure inside the Chapel. Granny and I didn't know what to expect, but grabbed a brochure and went in.

Let me start by saying...WOW!!! What an amazing place. Above I have entered the web address that has photos, but they will do no justice to this absolutely beautiful place God has helped make.
St. Gertrude's is high above Cottonwood in the mountains of Idaho. It has a view that would make God himself proud of his work. The grounds are immaculately kept and the peace, the peace is so can honestly feel God's presence with you as you walk the grounds. We looked at the gold arch they have as an altar, the pictures that are painted beside the altar and the drawings on the ceiling depicting parts of the Catholic religion. The acoustics inside were amazing. The pews that the Sister Nuns sit in are so different from what we were used to. As we looked, a wonderful and kind lady came in. She was Sister Cecile, a Nun now living here from Switzerland. She told us so much about the church, the grounds and its history. St. Gertrudes has been in Cottonwood since the 1920's.
Sister Cecile saw our crosses and ask us what religion we were and if we had a favorite hymnal. We both told her Baptist and agreed that Amazing Grace was one of the best Hymnals around. She began to play the organ and asked us to sing. Granny sings in church quite often, me not at all, and I have not sung for anyone but myself and the shower since High school. Granny started but choked half way thru due to emotion. I, seeing her struggle, stood up and sang the best I have ever sang in my life. I truly gave it up and sang my heart to God....I could not believe the voice that came out of my body...I am not sure if it was good, or the church acoustics were great...hehe ;-P

It was truly an awaking for my spirit. Now, I am not planning on becoming Catholic, but I have agreed to write with Sr. Cecile and share my spiritual journey with her and enjoy her company as well, she was truly a wonderful woman of God.

Behind the Chapel is a hill...a huge hill that shows the stages of Jesus' crucifixion. We did not have time to do all the stations, but the walk in the woods and really feeling close to God will not be soon forgotten, I hope to make it back and to finish the stations and to see Sr. Cecile again.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Grangeville and Cottonwood Visit

I got back late last night from visiting Travis. First off I want to describe the town that we stayed in, Grangeville. Granny and I thought that since we were alone and had time to kill we would maybe catch a movie. The Guardian with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher came out Friday and we thought "hey, cool beans...lets go see a show!" WRONG! I call the local 'theater' and the conversation went something like this"
Movie Guy: Hello?
Me: Hi, is this the theater?
MG: Yep
Me: Well, what are your movies and movie times?
MG: 6:30 and 8:40pm
Me: What time is that movie for?
MG: Gridiron Gang
Me: Ok....what else do you have
MG: nothing...
Me: You only have 1 movie playing?
MG: Yep
Me: Ok, uh...thank you...

WELL, granny and I didn't go see a movie since she really wasn't interested in seeing Gridiron gang and we were a little concerned that it might just be some guy with a big screen TV in his house instead of a real theater. ;-P

We hung out at the hotel and relaxed. It was nice to spend time just granny and I visiting, munching and watching CSI. We fell asleep about 9:30pm.....well, she did. I read, tossed and turned until midnight. Granny woke me up at 6:15 am by opening up the curtains and telling me good morning. I reminded her it was Saturday and Saturday mornings don't start at 6:30am...she didn't listen.

We went for a visit with Travis. We got lost on the way and arrived at a beautiful place called St. Gertrude's Monastery. I will write more about it in a later post.

The Visit:

We finally found the prison and were allowed in. It is very well watched in there. You are only allowed your driver's license for ID and change for the vending machines. You leave your ID with the gate guard and go in after they clear the grounds of all inmates.
You meet your loved one in the cafeteria area. You are allowed to hug at the beginning and end of the meeting, but not during your visit. You can hold hands, but must be seated on opposite sides of the tables. Inmates are not allowed to leave their seat unless asked to by a guard or if they raise their hand and ask to use the restroom. I would get the snacks from the vending machine so we could munch and visit. Snacks are not something Travis gets much of so he was thankful for the goodies.
I believe he was most excited by our visit. We are the only ones who have written him and who have asked for approval to go and see him. He has felt cut off from friends and family, he is totally alone. It is hard to feel like you are not a complete outcast when you are 200 some odd miles away from home and no one familiar reaches out. His tears in his eyes and the smile on his face made the long drive well worth it.
We got to spend 3 hours with him on Saturday and decided to come back on Sunday to see him again. We laughed, joked, talked and enjoyed each others company. We were able to confirm with Travis the change that is making. The change from the criminal to the MAN who can become something out in the real world. He has mastered his GED and will graduate from his anger management program. He is currently in AA and will continue with counseling and AA meetings on the outside when he is released.

To talk to him you can see the child inside who is so afraid and who is lost. He had a really bad childhood and it all contributed to the person he is today. So many contributed, HE is the only one trying to fix it and we are trying to help him and encourage him along the way.
I have family members that have turned their backs on him, his own mother and father all feel that he reaps what he sows and he is on his own....I hope nothing bad ever happens to them, the road will be hard to hoe for them as well all alone.

I will continue to write Travis and visit with him by phone and letters until it is time for him to come home. I will be here for him during court dates and will stand by him for whatever sentence agreement he must work out next. I will pray for him and watch him to remind him not to fall, it will be hard, you cannot change over night...but God is good and with him anyone can do anything.