Thursday, May 03, 2012


This is Boo.  Boo is the only infant we ever had.  I do not believe we set out for it to be that way, that is just the way it happened.  We always joke that we were probably just made to raise kids, not infants.  When the kids do something iffy, ornery etc, we always say we attribute that to the 'orphanage time' ;-P   With Boo, we look at him and realize WE are responsible for every idiosyncrasy he has...and maybe THAT is why we never had any more infant, God knew best! LOL
As of today, Boo is 15.  To look back at where he was 15 years ago today, makes my heart hurt. He has come such a long way!  For Boo I see the future father, the lover of children.  Boo has always had a soft spot for babies and I hope that he finds himself working with them in his future.  He is the most laid back of the kids and tends to be a total tease monster when given the chance.  He is known for breaking into song, rhyming one of the other kids names with something that sounds like fart....Oh, to be a teenage boy!

21 Years And Counting

Today marks 21 years of marriage for Curtis and I. We met when I was 14, almost 15 and he was 16. We began seeing each other, which meant he came to the house and watched movies, helped with my homework etc, since I was not old enough to date. This went on until 2 days before my 16 birthday...a Christmas dance put on at first date!

A long time has passed, we have seen ups, downs and middle ground. We have lost 4 babies to miscarriage, adopted 4 times and moved 4 times...never going far from where we grew up.

When we were reminiscing last night, we discussed how we never in a million years, imagined our lives the way they are now. We are happy, celebrating a milestone and have 4 healthy, happy and pretty well adjusted kids. Not saying we are perfect, but we are FAMILY! We laughed when we thought about how you imagine your life when you are young, and neither of us imagined being married to the one we met so young...having 4 Internationally Adopted children (Who look nothing even remotely close to us) and to be here, where we are today. When things were bad, we now know they were for a reason, if we would have had the babies we were 'trying for' we would not have had the 4 we have now. What would life be like for us if that had happened? If we had waited to marry or married even earlier?

We have seen many, if not most, of our friends divorce and move on from one another. I love the fact that even if we have differences, we can still make each other laugh and swoon..something that you don't often find after this many years of marriage. We are comfortable in our marriage, in who each of us is and know that at the end of the day the other one is coming home because home is where their heart and mind and soul is....home makes us happy.

Thank you sweety, for 21 wonderful years...I am looking forward to at least 21 more!


This is Roo.  Roo came home at 24 months of age.  On Jan. 7, 2012 she hit the 12 year mark. That includes Jr. High, Teen years, being taller than you are supposed to be, 7 teachers and a locker instead of 1 teacher and a back pack.
Roo has always been the one who excels at anything she puts her mind too.  Hard exterior, soft interior and fiercely loyal to her friends.  From what we have seen of our lovely young lady is that she knows who she is and no one will change that.
In the future I see Roo either being a Chef or CEO of a company.  She will be known as the har as* boss, but deeply respected by her staff for her attention to detail and know how of just about anything.
Roo, we are so proud of you and all that we know you will become.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (albeit a tad late on here) WE LOVE YOU~