Monday, January 19, 2009

It is Derek's Day!

GOD IS GOOD! Yesterday during Church, Derek received his page to get to the hospital. As of 12:51am this morning, Derek has been approved for the liver and should be undergoing the surgery this evening. I am not sure of all the specifics right now, but he has been tested, the liver has been tested and he has been told he will receive the liver. I am not sure if #1 on the list has gotten their liver, if the liver was not compatible with #1 or what, all we are focusing on is how this effects Derek...and he is the one getting THIS liver. We have been happy, fearful and just so thankful that Derek has gotten the page and that he has the chance at life.
Our prayers big time for the following:
1. That Derek pull thru this surgery well and liver does well inside him now.
2. That the family of the Donor is at peace, they have just lost someone they love and made a hard decision to help another human being whom they do not know...VERY unselfish!!
3. That the person who passed was Christian and is somewhere being blessed by the fact that they have helped a fellow human being in their last moments!

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