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Kai Ceus in Creche, aged 2 (courtesy Brownell's...THANK YOU!!!)

Kai, at Christmas this last year...with his mouth open as usual! ;-)
July 6, 2001 in a little area of Mirebalias, Haiti, Gladimy Ceus was born. He lived with his sweet Birth Mother, Lourdes (pronounced Lood) until she found herself unable to care for him at the tender age of 2. Lourdes took Kai to live at NLL with Dr. Bernard and his staff so he could be educated and possibly adopted by a family who could give him what she could not...a future.

Fast forward 6 months or so to my first visit to Haiti with Ange and Abby. One day on a trip to the Creche, I played with all of the little kids, not wanting to know names, ages, status of getting a family etc...I just wanted to love them all and play with them. I played with one little boy who hid around the corner from me during meal time and followed me pulling at my skirt. Every time I turned to look at him he would grin big...I mean BIG! I started to play peek-a-boo around the corner from him, looking around at him and then hiding. He sat me down in front of him and covered his eyes like peek-a-boo is played. Then when it came to the boo part, he slapped my cheeks something fierce. I was startled, but he giggled and giggled. One of the nannies showed me they kind of played like that, he was just a little rough due to his age of 2-ish.

When I got home from that trip my insides were jello. Haiti does something to you that is unexplainable unless you have been there. Part of you is glad to run away safely back home, the other half is sad to leave the place that you feel so close to God in.
When I got home I put his photo on the fridge and told Curt about the little boy I had fallen in love with...that we needed to pray that he got a home if he didn't have one, or that he was referred to a family soon and had a speedy adoption process.

About 1 year goes by. Curtis and I decide to adopt again. I tell him I wanted to check on the little boy I had met at the Creche and see if he was still available for adoption, age etc. He needed to be younger than Demi, since we wanted to keep ages in order due to how they came home-weird adoption logic to some, but it really does have its merits.
I scanned the photo I had of the little boy and asked. Within a couple of hours I received an email from NLL saying that the little boy was indeed available, a little over 3 years of age...PERFECT! Soon we began gathering paperwork for his adoption along with the adoption of an unknown little girl-figured we would get it done in one swoop..hehe
Our process for Kai was long...definitely not as long as it is now, but long for that time. During the process I went to Haiti to visit Kai and meet our new daughter, Nikaya (Mitchelle).
When I arrived, Kai was glad to see me, Nikaya wanted NOTHING to do with me. :-P She did come around, after several hours and animal cookies later.

The week I spent was glorious. I got to know the kids, their personalities and let them know that we were indeed real and that we loved them very much.

The day I had to leave them back at the Creche, broke my heart more than words can explain here. At the time I did not understand why I had to feel the way I did while leaving them again, but it gave me a perspective of the Birth Parents and what they must feel leaving the children as well. I knew that I would see the children again in a few months, but they do not know if they will ever see them again....WOW

After 18 months of waiting (10 months after my visit) Kai and Nikaya came home.

We are thankful every day for them, along with Hunter and Demi...they are truly blessings that we would not have had if things had turned out any other way but God's way.


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