Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Learned A Lot This Week

I feel like such a louse. I Pray non stop for Haiti and the people, for Humanitarian Parole, for adopted kids to pour into airplanes and go to their Forever Homes and still my heart hurts. I go to FB and post, spreading the word, CNN and MSN and the TV News and look at pictures of horror that every face reminds me of my own children, and then I read it...one of the teens IN the quake, Living thru this hell on earth, prays that the Non Christians around her and the neighbors of the Pension come to know that God Loves Them...thanks him for everything good and bad....then I cry, because I am a safe and here and I begged for something like this never to have happened, and they see it as something to bring their neighbors to God. I have learned alot this week.


Lorenz Family Blog said...

It does rip your heart out! I have been praying for God to just open so many doors of opportunity for His name to be shared, & that the hearts of the Haitians will be open to His saving grace at this time. Do you know what is the future of the Haitian children being brought to Pennsylvania?

Casey said...

I hear ya. I am humbled. Now I'm praying for strength for those people who DO see it as an opportunity - that they would be STRONG for the long-haul.
Love ya,

Tiffany said...

What a beautiful reminder this brave young woman gave to me. Thanks for posting about it.