Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Moms Night Out

YES!! I just got back from a wonderful moms night out with the PTO moms I serve with. We had a nice dinner sans hubbies and kids...refreshing! ;-)
We had planned to go to a Fondue place, The Mona Lisa. We went in at 6pm and they told us you had to have reservations since they only staff for the people they are going to have that night. WHAT? Interesting for a place that serves meals at $25 a person (thank goodness the PTO was paying for it!) Anyway, they told us if we wanted to wait an hour he could have a waiter come in to serve us...the place was DEAD. We bagged off and decided to go to the Outback.
We ate so much I think I rolled out of there. Dinner, drinks and dessert. I had one drink, peachy alcoholic drink....which is rare for me since I am a lush. The moms were hoping I would jump on the table and get arrested just to see themselves on the 10pm news. hehe Our waiter was no help since he told me that the poles in the place had been sanded and if I pole danced I would not get splinters in my thighs....o...k....
Anyway, it was a wonderful night out with the mommies which I needed badly.
Off to bed now so I can rest up for the alarm to go off at 6am and get all of us to school for field day....almost done for the year!!!!

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