Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Busy, busy. I have had a busy few weeks. Wednesdays I am enjoying a Women's Self Defense class at the YMCA. The class is taught by a couple of brothers I know that run a local Karate school. Last Wednesday we learned defensive moves during an attack. This Wed we learned how to use Pressure points in self defense. Next week we will learn how to handle multiple at attackers. I have to say, the class is extremely informative as well as a stress reliever...where else can you go and hit a guy in a padded suit, and get some aggression out. :-P
Once the class is finished, we will have attackers go at us all over the Y until we cross the finish line to receive our certificate of completion....definitely have to take pictures of that!

Fights have been good, got 2 more coming up this month...Oct 18th at Speedway and Oct. 25th at Qwest. Looking forward to seeing my guys again in the cage and helping any way I can!

Work is going well and I think I am getting the groove down. I have found a few places where I still look at things and say "huh?" Oh well, one day at a time I guess.
I often look back at my Bible and remember the saying "Today is all ya got, all ya need and all ya can handle" phrase Pastor said one Sunday...definitely true for me!

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Amy said...

Well, I sure as heck wouldn't ever attack you. I'd get my butt kicked! ;)