Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whats New Pussycat??

Hello blog world....sorry it has been a while since I posted.
I have been busy trying to fit all of life in a tiny 24 hours I am given and making all ends meet somewhere. hehe

New job is great. It is easy going, I am learning alot and enjoying my time in the 'grown up world'. I do have to say, working in a guy only world cracks me up most days, they treat me well and I keep them in line.
Kids are enjoying their prospective care places, Nikaya at Alice's and Hunter, Demi and Kai at the YMCA. I love the fact that the afterschool program goes until 6:30pm. It allows me to pick up N and go home to change and fit a workout in before they are done with their activity. I am not allowed (according to the kids) to pick them up before 6 because 5-6 is fun time such as wall climb, swimming, dodge ball etc. When the kids arrive they get a snack and do homework and fit in reading time before fun time begins. This is so nice that once the kids come home, they are ready to enjoy family time, AWANA'S (Wednesday) and showers etc...very nice.

Mid October I have my referral meeting for Nik to see what test they are going to give her and when we can take it so she can begin Preschool. She is anxious to go and ride the bus and have lunch at school with the big kids. It breaks my heart that she will be morning Pre K andwill only get breakfast, not lunch...we wont tell her yet! ;-)

I had fights Saturday night. Fun times were had by all...maybe most, not all! Pretty mellow night with a few injuries and one pretty good concussion that required a ride to the hospital. The kid returned later feeling better, but still like he was run thru the washing machine on high speed.

I will be helping at a MMA Fight Oct. 18th. This one is free to the public and all proceeds from donations and table sponsorship as well as raffle proceeds will go to Make a Wish. I am excited to see our turn out and how much we can make for the Make a Wish group. So far there are 14 fights on the card (4 of them are women!!!...NONE of them are ME! ;-)))

Hope all is well with all of you out there. I have to head off to bed...these early mornings are killing me!

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