Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Derek Update

A quick post about Derek.

Derek has been in and out of the hospital lately due to problems with his bile ducts in his new liver. They have stinted one, after he began turning yellow and his bilirubin count went to 8 again. After the stinting his bilirubin has dropped to about 5, and they have given him med's to thin his bile hoping that it will allow the stint to work and clear out his body of the bile that has leaked into his system from the damaged duct.
On Tuesday they had tested him again and though things are lower than before, they are thinking that Derek may have to do blood work and possibly look at the full work up to get on the list again, Yes, ANOTHER transplant is very likely in his future. We are hoping that the med's will work, that God will intervene and another new liver will not be needed...that the new one he just got will begin to work as needed.
Please, prayers are DESPERATELY needed as Derek hits this next trial in his young life.


Sherry said...

I will be praying for him LeAnne. Poor guy has been through enough. I type this from my husbands hospital room where he also is having some sort of problem with his liver (bili is 9.8) and they aren't sure yet what is going 4 coming up! Please pray for us too! (((hugs)))

The Haiti Lady said...

Thank you for the prayers...Please, post your blog to me (privately if you need) so I can keep up with your hubby. 9.8 bili is not good at all. Let me know if it goes up or down..PRAYERS for sure!