Monday, March 09, 2009

Updating My Life on Here

Hello! It has been over a month since I have been on here. We have had AWANA's times 4 kids, basketball games times 2 boys, Cheerleading times 2 girls and Fights times 1 busy and tired mom. Curtis has had school on Mondays (a Dale Carnegie Class on Public Speaking he is taking for work) which he will graduate from by the end of the month I believe.

B-ball is over for the season so we have a few nights at home!! YEEHAW for that idea. I used to feel rushed having to work and do dinner etc afterwards, but B-ball season showed me that I do have more time in the evenings when B-ball is over...all about perspective I guess. :-P

Things here have been busy but good. Both of us are still employed, a big plus for this day and age, and enjoying our jobs as much as one can when you are working for a living.

Hard to believe that March 7th was 1 year since we lost my Bio dad Rick...His B-day is March 15th. Going to be hard to pass that milestone. I have had teary eyes, but have not let myself sit down and just remember and cry like I need too. If weather permits, I am planning on going with my Aunt Pam and Grandma to the cemetery on Saturday, his B-day, to decorate his new headstone (I will post a photo when I get there) and plant a Peonies bush, as well as just celebrate his B-day without him for the first time. I am anxious to see the new headstone since it just got finished. Weird thing to look forward to, but it gives some closure that I am craving but that I am fearful of at the same time. I will never forget him, but I feel like having a headstone honors him more to the outside world, kind of a 'Hello..I was here and meant something to someone' type of thing.

I am looking forward to sitting down and reading, blogging and getting caught up with the cyber world and friends that I have missed over the last month, as well as my usual workouts that have been sorely missed and much needed.

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Julie said...

LeAnne, You can't be weird. My dad died while he and my mom were visiting me on vacation. They are from Minnesota so looking back we all thought it was God's way of blessing us. He is buried in the ground that he loved. Anyway, when his headstone was finished, my mom made me drive down and take a photo. She wanted to make sure that his name was spelled right!