Monday, March 22, 2010

Thou Art With Me

Have you ever had a moment or two in your life when you were just SURE that there was a God? I have always KNOWN there is a God, but the other day, he placed his hand on me and let me know that he was in the passenger seat with me as I drove.

I was driving home from work on the freeway. Fairly easy drive, not a lot of traffic, moving at regular 65 mph pace. I came up behind a truck pulling an enclosed trailer with construction items in and on it. I was following him and no one was around us, he was going the proper speed limit, my exit was coming up very soon and things were smooth.
I got the overwhelming urge to pass him. There was no reason to pass REAL reason at all. I turned on my blinker and looked in my I merged into the other lane, one of his ladders on the top of the trailer shot off the back and right into where I had been 2 seconds ago. The ladder whipped straight out (where the driver side would have been) and then shot sideways out behind me as I continued to slow down and pull over. He saw what happened and slowed to pull over as well. He asked if I was ok, which BY THE GRACE OF GOD, ONLY, I was.

I cannot express the amount of praying and thanking I did right then, and the rest of the night. I could have ended up a crazy accident statistic with a ladder in my face and chest...... THANK YOU MY LORD AND SAVIOR!!!


Lorenz Family Blog said...

Wow, LeAnn, that is truly amazing. It's wonderful to see how God isn't done with us! And it was great to see you at church yesterday ....thanks for blogging again :)

The Williamson Clan said...

Wow, LeAnne. That is awesome. You hear of those freak accidents. So glad God was speaking and you were listening!!