Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day To ALL the Mother's

I say Happy Mother's Day to ALL of the mommies out there.

In our lives there are many moms...we have me, Mom's whose tummies we grew in (Often called Haiti moms) and the fact that I have a mom as well...the younger kids are all amazed that I didn't just appear on earth as a mother...strange concept I know.

Mothers Day is very mixed for me. Every mothers Day I not only pause to think about my own mother, but also about the mothers who allowed me to be a mom. Without hard decisions or their passing to the next life, I would NOT have been able to be the mother I am today. As we celebrate, I often cry (quietly and hidden) thinking about the ones in Haiti and that we should also honor them. So,


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Anonymous said...

Very sweet tribute, LeAnn :) Happy Mother's Day to you, too!