Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mitch Graduation

Well, as life has it's chapters, we closed the book on one of them this week. Mitch Graduated from Kindergarten! She struggled this year with being separated from mommy, structure in the classroom, sharing time with MANY other kids. She worked hard on language and to learn her letters, numbers, sounds and word recognition. There were times I doubted First grade would follow and that another year of Kindergarten would be required.....she proved me wrong.
With the help of her faithful Teachers, Ms. Wilkins (Regular Kdg), Mrs. Martinez (Extended Kdg) and Mrs. Mittleider (Reading Coach) she DID IT! Mitch went from a 1 on the IRI (Idaho Reading Indicator) to a 3...THAT ladies and gentleman is grade level words! We worked so hard with her at home, reading, quizzing her on sight words and sounding things out. C-Man and Roo would give her timed tests on letter sounds many times and encouraged her all the while...AMAZING!

Here are some pic's from the wonderful night!

Man, are they EVER gonna call me?

They Said My Name!

It's Official!

Thumbs Up to An Awesome Year

Mitch & Ms. Wilkins

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