Friday, January 14, 2011

The Fun Begins

Today starts our 1.5 months of Hell...hehe
Tonight we will venture to Mitch's cheer practice from 5-6:15pm. 6:30pm we begin Roo's cheer practice.
Saturday AM we have Mitch's first performance (will post pics of her in her cheer uniform later) as well as practice for Roo and C-Mans first Basketball game.
Later in the afternoon (3pm) Roo is having 3 friends accompany her to get their toes and nails done and hair coiffed and then sleepover and bow making to celebrate her 11th year of life, she is so excited!

Since I have been gone so long from here, I did not commemorate Roo's Bday very well....I will hopefully be able to put up new pics of ALL the kids soon (read: once I get them to work and can scan them) so everyone can see how they have grown.

Well, off to enjoy the weekend and HOPEFULLY get some rest as well!

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