Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today we said goodbye to a wonderful family member. Goefer showed up one day at our old house on KCID. We called local Animal Shelter to let them know and ran an ad in case someone was looking for her. After several days it became apparent that no one was...she was ours. Her name became Goefer due to the HUGE holes she would dig in the dirt. That girl LOVED to dig a huge hole and lay in it to keep cool. When we moved to our new home, she went and was able to have a fenced yard and a new friend, Fizgig. She and Fizzi had free run of the back yard. Still, even with all the grass to get into, she chose nothing but dirt to dig in, pretty smart if you ask me.
Goefer was with us before we had children. We have pictures of Goefer in our home study to adopt Boo. It took 18 months to adopt Boo, who will be 15 in May...Goefer was grown when she came to us, so she is AT LEAST 16 years old.
For a medium/large dog that is OLD..ancient.
Over the last few years she has become hard of hearing and her eyesight is not the greatest. She was still great with the kids, always smelling them and then realizing they were 'her kids' and never harming them or getting grumpy with them. She would smell the girls rolling on the grass trying to practice their tumbling and she would promptly go over and sniff their hair and lick their faces as they hung upside down.
Goefer-we love you, we will miss you so much. Fizzi will be lost without you. We know you were tired, sore and not having as much fun as you used to. You were able to spend your last day laying in the afternoon sun eating treats...what a good end to a wonderful life.

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