Thursday, May 03, 2012


This is Roo.  Roo came home at 24 months of age.  On Jan. 7, 2012 she hit the 12 year mark. That includes Jr. High, Teen years, being taller than you are supposed to be, 7 teachers and a locker instead of 1 teacher and a back pack.
Roo has always been the one who excels at anything she puts her mind too.  Hard exterior, soft interior and fiercely loyal to her friends.  From what we have seen of our lovely young lady is that she knows who she is and no one will change that.
In the future I see Roo either being a Chef or CEO of a company.  She will be known as the har as* boss, but deeply respected by her staff for her attention to detail and know how of just about anything.
Roo, we are so proud of you and all that we know you will become.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (albeit a tad late on here) WE LOVE YOU~

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