Thursday, May 03, 2012


This is Boo.  Boo is the only infant we ever had.  I do not believe we set out for it to be that way, that is just the way it happened.  We always joke that we were probably just made to raise kids, not infants.  When the kids do something iffy, ornery etc, we always say we attribute that to the 'orphanage time' ;-P   With Boo, we look at him and realize WE are responsible for every idiosyncrasy he has...and maybe THAT is why we never had any more infant, God knew best! LOL
As of today, Boo is 15.  To look back at where he was 15 years ago today, makes my heart hurt. He has come such a long way!  For Boo I see the future father, the lover of children.  Boo has always had a soft spot for babies and I hope that he finds himself working with them in his future.  He is the most laid back of the kids and tends to be a total tease monster when given the chance.  He is known for breaking into song, rhyming one of the other kids names with something that sounds like fart....Oh, to be a teenage boy!

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