Sunday, November 12, 2006


I have some nerves that I am currently dealing with. It is funny to me that I am having these thoughts now, and I am not sure if they are normal or not.

I am concerned about my mothering skills. HOW am I going to mother 4 kids?? CAN I mother 4 kids?? WHY did I want to mother 4 kids?? Now, of course I should have thought about these things some time ago, and I have. I am just now going thru the realization that very soon my child to parent ratio will double. We have things in this house that we are pretty slack with. During the summer and weekends there is a very late bedtime and sleeping in. If someone gets cranky or tired (this includes mommy and daddy) we take a nap. We sometimes eat weird things at weird times of the day (Hunter is famous for chicken noodle soup for breakfast everyday). I am wondering how this fits for 2 new people who may be very set in their ways. Kai is 5, he has been around the orphanage since he was 2 and will have some family life aspects he will need to learn, and what a weird family for him to figure that out in huh?! :-)

We are all anxious about the settling in period. Hunter has asked me about things that Kai and Nikaya may do that he witnessed from Demi Roo when she came home. Do they bite? Throw tantrums? Hide food in weird places? Ever seen a tv? Ever played with a basketball? Ever played Playstation? What will they think of Christmas and the family? Will they be afraid of all the kissing like Demi Roo was? (No joke, when Demi came home Dec. 1st at the age of 23 months, she would look at us like we were these freaks with sucky lips that wanted to lick her all the time.hehe) We are a huggy / kissy family. To this day, when we want to torture the children we don't tickle, poke or pester, we kiss and hug. Hunter will come up to you and plant one on your cheek and sit there with his lips on you until you cannot stand it anymore, JUST TO TORTURE!!!
I think we may do just fine with the new kids. They however may want to escape within the first few weeks, but we may be just fine. hehe

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chill woman, deep breath, you will be ok, last minute gitters, you will survive, God will give you the strength you need! deep breath, now go and pray