Sunday, November 12, 2006

We Are Doing Good

Well, I think I am on the way to recovery. I am feeling much better now and only have difficulty wearing you think that is a problem? :-)
I am looking forward to getting some things done this week...nothing to harsh (I promised Curtis) but I have managed to clean the kids bathroom and load and unload the dishwasher from time to time over the last 2 days. If I take it slow, heck...I a might have the house clean in time for the new kids to come home. hehe
I have some things I need to do as the time for our kids is closing in. I need to make photo albums, 2 of them, for the birth families as a gift. I am putting together pictures that I have recieved of the kids over our wait, our house, Curt and the kids and I, the kids playing etc...just a little idea for them to know where the kids are going. I know it gives the birth families comfort to see a picture and have an idea of where the kids will be going and what their life may be like. I have some from this summer of the kids swimming and having fun. I wil be able to explain to them during our birth parent interview some of the acitivites we have planned for the kids once they are home and settled; such as soccer for Kai (he loves it and loved my friend/assistant Amy for taking hackey sacks to Haiti with us last time). I am also planning on swimming lessons for the kids this next summer...Hunter and Demi Roo enjoyed theirs and learned so much...they even jumpp off the diving board now NO PROBLEM!!
I also need to go thru the clothes I have saved (which there are not many of since I had a cousin that had a baby and passed them on to her) and to see what I will need for them when they come home. Got lots to do!!!

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