Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Our First Complete Family Christmas

I feel bad for saying that this is our first complete Christmas. I do not want to make Hunter and Demi Roo feel like we were not happy with our family until Kai and Nik came home, that was not the case. We all knew that we were not finished yet, and that the Lord was not finished as well. We as a family feel happy with where our family is now. We do not plan on adopting again, but you never know what the good Lord has in store for you as a person or family. Below I wanted to post some pic's of the kids. Some of the new kids that are home smiling so everyone can see that they are happy, adjusting well and living life to the fullest...I will be sending copies to Haiti for the Orphanage and their birth families, we hope they are as happy with the pictures as we are.

Hunter and his cheesy grin!

Nikaya doing what she is usually doing...giggling

Kai and that smile!

Demi Roo is never camera shy...

All the kids having a blast

Demi Roo and her new camera

Nikaya and her new hat...aint it great!

Kai and Nik enjoying their new family


Beki said...

Your kids look wonderful and Happy and soooo good all together! Congrats again!

AcceptanceWithJoy said...


Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of happy children. I am so glad your family is all together.

After 8 months, 1 week and 3 days, our dossier finally cleared IBESR. Any day, I will be able to go to Haiti and get Beverly and David. We missed Christmas, but perhaps we will have beautiful Passover pictures to share.

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