Monday, January 29, 2007

Updates on Stuff....

I wanted to post some updates on some of the old posts I have done.

My cousin Travis is OUT of Cottonwood Correctional Facility!!! He served 1 year for Aggravated Battery etc. stemming from an accidental shooting at a party a couple of years ago. The guy he shot is alive and well and holds no ill will toward Travis and they have made amends....he even spoke out for Travis at his court hearing. While in Jail Travis found God. He was saved and since release has been attending a church near his home! I am so glad to not only hear him talk the talk, but walk the walk as well!

The new kids are bonding well to all of us. Hunter and Demi Roo are learning more Creole and Kai and Nikaya are learning more English...good for everyone involved. Of course, I have learned more Creole being immersed all day in it, but have been known to make a mistake or two.
About a week after the kids came home I was calming down Nik before dinner. I wanted to tell them "sit here, mama is going to make dinner" In Creole I should have said "Chita la, Mama fe manje" BUT instead I said " Chita la, Mama fe bagay" SO, I actually told my children "Sit here, mama is going to have sex" NICE!!!! If the world wont corrupt them, I will! ;-)
Kai, our 5.5 year old giggled and quickly corrected me "Mama, manjay, manjay!" Yes, MANJAY!! Glad to know I can't get anything past him! ;-P

Tomorrow is a big day for Hunter. Hunter is going in to get braces! He is in need of braces on his top 4 teeth as well as a few in the back. The front ones will help with his 'open bite', 'pulling his canine up where it should be', and the back are to help 'pull his 6 year molars out of his gums and where they should be'. Nice little gift that should cost about $2100...YIKES! This will include braces, office visits, retainer etc. for his first phase. He may need to have a 2nd phase when he is an older teen...we may have to auction him off for yard labor to help pay for it all! ;-P

Demi Roo has been continuing with her cheer leading and doing well...pretty much can do the splits now...OUCH! Hunter is continuing his basketball career (hehe) with 1 loss and 1 win so far. The big draw is to win 2 games in a row so the coach will take them for a milkshake! ;-)

Kai and Nik spend their days torturing me and playing with the toys and getting into things. Much to Hunter's chagrin, Nik insists on breastfeeding his action figures like they are her babies...not what is supposed to happen to a John Cena doll if you ask him. hehe

Curtis has started school again, this will mean that he has this block of classes and the next then he will be a Sophomore.....ooohhhh. 8 more blocks and he will graduate with an Associates Degree in Business. Me, I work from home with Heritage, several families in the process of a new longer process for Haitian children, and watch Kai and Nik run around like little crazies while driving everyone to their activities!!!

Off to check e mail for now....

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