Thursday, February 15, 2007

Daily Happenings

Tonight is a busy night of basketball and Parent Teacher Conferences. I am somewhat glad that the kids do not have school tomorrow due to the conference schedule, this will allow some down time to have fun. I am planning on taking the kids for a day trip to the YMCA. I am anxious to let them swim, run and play to get the wiggles out....they all need it. If we are at the Y, they are away from me and the boredom of home and will leave me alone. hehe
I do have a question though.....if our house is so boring, why do the neighborhood kids all want to come here? Everyday after school I have no less than 2-3 kids....PLUS the 4 that actually live here. Most days I don't mind it, but there are a few where the house looks like a cyclone hit it and we have no snacks and I have no nerves left when it is over. Those are days when Curt comes home and looks at me like i need to up my medicine. hehe

So, I will post how all of us got along at the Y and hopefully some pic's of the new kids swimming...Their first time at the pool...should be a blast!!

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