Sunday, February 18, 2007

First Basket and Rodeos

At Saturdays game Hunter finally did it....

The game was close, the kids on the other team were all over our team like flies. Hunter was open and his teammate threw him the ball.....Hunter, knowing he had a shot, tossed the ball to the basket for a 3 pointer!!! SWISH....that sucker went right in, like he had done it a million times before...Curt, Me, Friends, coaches and teammates came off the seats to yell...Hunter had made his first basket during a game!!! His team, the Wizards, lost the game anyway, but Hunter had made his basket....that is ALL that mattered to us!

Afterwards, Hunter went to his friend Tyler's house. Curt and the kids and I went home for rest. That evening I ventured out with the kids to see Tyler's brother Michael ride Bulls in a local rodeo. Kai and Nikaya, and Hunter and Demi for that matter, saw their first rodeo. Typically we don't go since they are so expensive and I usually side with the animal (hehe) but with this being a small local rodeo it was much cheaper.

You know, I wonder what Kai and Nikaya think sometimes. Here they are in a family now. That has to be cool. But now that family goes to this BIG market and buys food, more food than 1 person could eat, more food than they have seen at one just seems to appear ( I wish). We go watch our friends ride 'Gwo Bef" (Big Cows) and watch them tumble off and people cheer. Holidays this year we celebrated at our Matant and Tonton (Aunt and Uncles) house, and they have animal heads on the walls. (Side note, Curtis' Uncle is an avid Hunter and has bear, deer and elk heads and hides proudly displayed). The only people in Haiti who might have animal heads up and around are more than likely Voodoo Priests....."What kind of family did I get adopted into?" Must be there thoughts. he he

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