Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sat. Night Fights

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Once again I sat Ring side Medic for the Ring Warrior Fights. WOW. I enjoy being a little bit of help, but Saturday night was a busy one. I however managed to not be boo'ed as I was in November...YEAH!!!
I did have one man completely knocked out. Man, his eyes were rolled to the back of his melon like no ones business. Took a good 1 1/2 minutes to bring him to. He then proceeded to vomit everywhere and bleed from his nose, mouth etc. You see...he was going to shoot for the legs of the other guy and when he ben to do it the other guy kicked him square in the face...OUCH!!! Needless to say, he took a merry trip to the hospital by ambulance! :-)

Next, I was summoned to the back area that is for fighters and trainers only. I rounded the corner to the sound of horrific cussing.....I see about 2 guys trying to hold a guy to take his gloves off. When I get to him I see his middle finger on his left hand is bloody and bent at an odd angle. As I clean it off I see 'meat' and bone sticking out of his finger. Once I convince the men that there was no way a glove was coming off that hand and that I had to indeed CUT it to remove the glove they all wanted to take photos of the battered finger first...MEN....
I was able to cut, clean and wrap the man's finger and send him off to the hospital for bone reset, stitches and good pain med's....I am sure today he is in pain!

Next I went into the ring to see a guy who had been cut above his right eye. We went to the backroom to work so the next fight could start, I was met by a room full of guys waiting for their fighter to go out. I announced that I was coming in, since it was a mens lockeroom, and was greeted by a guy who felt it necessary to show me his FULL MOON, just for fun...I told him it was the whitest butt I had ever seen and if he had anything I had never seen before I would dedicate him to science! His buddies laughed that I didn't oogle his hairy buttocks and went about my business ....he may never live it down... My patients eye was cute pretty deep and I knew immediatley that he would also require stitches. I cleaned him, butterflied his eye and gave him some ice and instructions for the ride to the hospital. I promised him that chicks really do dig scars and he had quite the war wound.

The rest of the fights were pretty uneventful...Thank the Lord, I had had enough bones, eyes, vomit and hairy butts for the evening. A new friened of mine, Marko, won Amateur Welterweight belt though....proud of the warrior for that! Eric (my brother) and I finally arrived home at 12:30am...LONG NIGHT and FUN had by all!

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Britney said...

Sounds exciting!!! When you get a chance post some new pics of the kiddos!! :)