Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Closing a Door...Opening Another....

The good Lord has closed some doors and opened some others. I was told May 23rd during a trip to Portland, that Heritage felt that the NLL (New Life Link) adoption program was not bringing in as much revenue as they had hoped and they had decided to pretty much close the program to new families, thus ending my stint as the Haiti Lady for Heritage Adoption. I was so sad, frustrated and overwhelmed with the thought that my calling was coming to an end.

I began to search the possibilities of working on my own company doing Dossier consultation prep work, but decided that with "The Hague" coming I would be treading on spooky ground for lawsuits and facilitation charges. In many states, adoption facilitation is illegal and can open you up for lawsuits, jail time and failure of the families adoptions...something I did not want to do. I was still trying to figure it out since I was working with a foreign country that was not a Hague country, and I would not be matching families with children, which is facilitation. I got a call from a gal in Kentucky that was looking into starting her own Haiti program with their own Creche, Promises of Hope in Jolivert, Haiti. After speaking to her, she and I had a revelation.....why can't I do their Haiti program for them?? My fear, along with Curt's was that I would not longer be working with Dr. Bernard's orphanage as I had in the past. After talking to Dr. B he encouraged me to take some risks in this life and go for it. Well, longer story short, I am going to work for this new agency and bringing Dr. Bernard along with me to include his program as an option for families. Once it is all said and done, I will be working with 2 to 3 orphanages in Haiti!!!

Now, for most that don't know me well, they are unsure of my religious beliefs since I do not fit a typical mold of a 'christian' that many have. I have short spikey hair, a tattoo, my ears are pierced multiple times and my nose is also pierced. I listen to Hard Rock and am considered a 'head banger' by most peoples standards.
This agency I am going to work for is a Christian agency in the bible belt of Kentucky....KENTUCKY ADOPTION SERVICES. Boy, are they going to be surprised...hehehe

I am so excited to be hooking up with a group of people that are Christian, have a desire for Humanitarian Aid and a desire to go to Haiti and place these kids no matter how slow, corrupt and time consuming it is!!!! I have been blessed!

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Britney said...

That's aweseome news! It always works out! God never lets us down!!!