Friday, June 08, 2007

May 31st

Ah, May 31st was turned from a possible crappy trip in to a wonderful outing for me.
I got to visit ALL of my Portland families and have dinner!!!

I got to meet Julie and her girls (minus daddy David), Sean and Jamie and their kids, Becky (minus her hubby and son...enjoying mama time I think hehe), Vanessa and her sons (minus daddy Aaron), Josh and Kim and their son, and Kim and Sarah (sarah is Nikaya's sister and Kim is adopting the older brother Mansanto).
It was a wonderful time at the Spagetti Factory, a cool restaurant that is now opening in Boise as well! I was able to get a meal with Gluten Free noodles!!!

I had a blast getting to meet the fmailies face to face, something I don't often get to do when they are out of state. I enjoyed their company and hope they enjoyed mine as well. I am hoping that after meeting, they can visit with each other to help ease the fears and frustration of the wait that is upon them. It isn't that I don't like being there for them, it is just that after a while, you need someone who isn't a 'worker' in adoption to give you the reassurance that you are feeling the same thing as them and you are normal.

I hope I can get back and see them all soon, and that after the process I can be a little part of their lives and watch the chidlren grow!

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