Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Vacation

Well, summer vacation is in full swing, and so are my patience. hehe
The kids are staying up late, but most are sleeping in well enough to give me some good rest. Kai is the only one I struggle with on sleep. He will go to bed OK, but does not want to stay in bed much past dawn. He is slowly adapting......I will make him if it is the last thing I do. :-)

Kai has been home long enough that the honeymoon is over and the true Kai Ceus has arrived. He is a friendly, sweet, loving kid who wants to help all the time. The bad part is, well, quasi bad part, is that he has an ornery streak 100 miles long. He can give and take with the rest of us, as we a re a teasing and playful family. However, Kai has no end to his torturing and his skill to annoy is keen. He can raise the hackles of anyone by grating his teeth, making faces or simply copying every mother loving thing you say or do.
He has been getting into stuff a lot lately, and I am not sure if he is doing it because he is curious, or he doesn't have the "no, no that is naughty" button that most have. Demi Roo had this problem for a while....we are now making strides on her not getting into things that don't belong to her and she is doing better with accepting responsibility for her actions most days.
So, I struggle with the every days of being a mom to 4 kids at home. To some, it is a lot of kids, to others it is a drop in the bucket. All I know, is it is enough for me. :-)
I hate to complain, because I am not really complaining...they are home, healthy and doing well, and that is what I wanted. It is just that sometimes, I am overwhelmed at the responsibility I have as 'THE MOM'.

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