Monday, March 24, 2008

Finshing the Haiti Trip

We were excited to be able to go to the Pension, since I was not able to take my hubby when we picked up our kids due to violence and kidnapping. We arrived at the Baptist seminary without much fanfare and began our walk down the Bolosse street to the O's gate. The hill is steep, rocky and well traveled and can sometimes be slick. Low and behold, as we walked, the next thing I know I am flat on my back in the road. My sandals had slid on a rock and I was sprawled out in the road with Haitian men, women and children laughing at me (such a kind and loving people sometimes). Samuel and the Adoptive Dad "S", helped me up quickly. I was laughing so hard I didn't think I could get up. They were concerned since I had fallen flat and my head had bounced on the street about twice. My right elbow was scrapped but I didn't feel any bumps on my head or see any blood...good thing. All I could think about was 'if I have a concussion I want to go to Lori or Licia or Dr. Jen..NO ONE ELSE!!!' hehe (my blog links I like..Haiti Nurse for Life and Dr. Jen in Haiti)
We continued the walk and I did well. It wasn't until later that the massive headache would appear...oy vey!
The kids looked great and the school age kids were all in class in their little cute. I passed out suckers to them and visited the kids on all the levels giving suckers the whole way. The baby and toddler rooms were a buzz of activity. Kids became my human tails as I drug many kids around with me while visiting. I held all of the young kids I am helping place and gave suckers to them even if they were not old enough to have them...just to give them a lick or two. I took pictures of kids in the cribs and played with many of the ones roaming. One little boy would wail and cry any time I got near his bed. If I tried to take a pic of him he would wail...if I walked by he would was very comical.
We visited and played for about 2 hours and then headed off to the office to get work done.
Back at the office (NLL) I was able to ask questions of everyones papers and processes. I saw how frustrated with the process the NLL staff is and how they wish things would un-constipate so the kids could go home. They had cheat sheets on the wall to look at so I could find where a familie papers were and what each sheet meant...In MOI, Out of MOI, In IBESR, Out of IBESR..etc..great system, I am glad they have decided to use it.
I sent and answered emails while we waited for the Visa to be processed and to go back to the Guest House.
Once the Visa was in, we left for the day to go back up to Petionville.
Monday night was uneventful. I watched some of Pitch Black, Poseidon Adventure, and The patriot in Creole...very interesting. hehe

Tuesday: We chose to stay at the Guest House this day with hopes of going to the Baptist mission. I am glad we stayed because when I woke up I felt like I had been hit by a truck. The previous days fall was written all over my body in muscle aches and bruises...Curtis will never let me go to Haiti alone if I come home bruised and broken....bring on the bubble wrap.
We spent the day playing with the kids (L from the other family and B the little boy I was helping bring home) We toured the Guest house from top to bottom climbing up to the roof to see the cisterns and view to the basement where the staff lives. 'M' the mom from the other family, and I toured the new building behind the guest house. It has always been Dr. B's dreams of finishing it and bringing the NLL kids to live there as the orphanage. He said by July when the school year is over, the NLL kids will be at home in Petionville with him! I am so glad to hear that this part of his dream will be coming to fruition....better environment and more space for the kids and further away from the city. For now, HFC will stay in Bolosse. He also hopes that by July the pool will be completed and they can fill up the Guest house with Guests and the elderly who want a nice place to live. I look forward to going back again and seeing how much the clientele has grown.

Tuesday night we played volleyball with Dr. B and staff...Something that he likes to do everyday. I told them prior to the game that I sucked when it came to sports, but he insisted. Well, the Adoptive Dad from the other family 'R', me, the staff were all against Dr. B. We lost....not unusual, but I know I didn't help any..hehe
When I went up to check on 'S' the adoptive dad I came with, he was putting his son to sleep. I was on the upper level of the Guest House and Dr. B was making a deal with 'R'..."if you guys win 5 games against me 'L' can go home with you when you leave....of course that would be about 18 months early. 'R' thought it sounded like a great deal so he hollers "hey, 'M', keep LeAnne up there with you!" hehe I hollered back "'R', I would be offended if that were not so true!" Even without me they only won 1 game out of 5. :-(
'S' was able to go down and play some games as well...great fun was had by all.

Wednesday: We had to rise early on Wednesday to have breakfast by 5:30am and leave Petionville by 6am to make the airport by 7am. It isn't that far away, but with the roads and traffic an early departure is always needed. Ride to the airport was uneventful. We bid goodbye to the other family and wished them well as they were leaving Thursday morning. Said goodbye to Lamarre, our driver, and set off for the inner airport. Flights were delayed some, but nothing major. Miami was great and the flight back was good. Little 'B' did wonderful. He is such a sweetheart. It was hard keeping my distance since I did not want him to be confused as to who his mommy was. I got a lot of looks (like I was some neglectful mom) when I didn't attend to him quickly and only minorly comforted him until 'S' could get to him so they could bond well. As long as WE knew what I was doing, I was good with it...stare all ya want people... :-)
We had a nice dinner and introduced 'B' to the straw...he had no idea how to suck and was waiting for it to pour in his mouth. His dad offered him Mac-n-Cheese and 'B;, not wanting to get his hands dirty grabbed the plate and dug in like dog would do...face first. Cracked both of us up. After 'B' fell asleep I had my first babysitting job as Dad 'S' had laundry to do...funtimes....B is an absolute doll!

Thursday: We flew back to Seattle and parted ways. I waved bye bye to them as they boarded and headed for my gate. Got home to a tired and grateful hubby who managed 4kids, a house, 3 dogs, 3 cats, a cheer leading performance, a Science Fair and work all in one week...WHAT A MAN!!! HE SAYS HE AGED 20 YEARS IN THAT ONE WEEK! HEHEHE
I am glad to be home but miss Haiti. I always do. It amazes me how a place so full of sadness and poverty can hold such beauty and are never closer to God than when you are in Haiti..I truly believe that.


Sherry said...

You had a great week, other than your fall. I hope your poor head is ok now and no headaches!

SO glad Dr B is doing well and that all the construction is finally paying off! How wonderful that things should be finished in July!

Angela said...

Sounds like Haiti is fighting back (giving you a kick in the head) because it hears you are leaving the business of being an agent. Kidding, Kidding... Hope you are feeling MUCH better and praising God for the family that has their children home!!!

Amy said...

I'm living vicariously through you! Man I miss that place!


Marcia Erickson said...

Wow...I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too bad...good thing ego's are repairable! ;-)

What an amazing work you do!