Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The 411 on My Life

Things are perking along here just fine. Busy to be exact.

I was supposed to have a meeting (another one) for Nikaya to get her into Preschool. They called me about 10 minutes before I was to leave to tell me that they miscalculated her score and she does NOT qualify. OK...I am glad that my child isn't all that delayed, but she and I were really looking forward to Preschool...not sure who was really looking forward to it the most, but we both were excited for it. Now, she will have to wait for Kindergarten and just spend her days with Alice, The day care Diva. :-P
Nikaya came home the other night and had food on her shirt. I asked her what she had on her and this was our conversation:
Mom "what do you have on your shirt?"
Nik "my lunch"
Mom "what did you have for lunch today?"
Nik: "Wizzo Whips"
M "what is Wizzo Whips"
Nik "You know...K..Y..P..Wizzo Whips" (like she is spelling it to me)
M "WHAT is Wizzo Whips"
N "I don't know, but it is good!"

Today I go to Alice's house and ask what was for lunch...Pieces of steak, coleslaw and mashed taters. MMMM...How do we get Wizzo Whips out of that? OH....Alice tells me she tells the kids everyday that they are eating LIZARD LIPS! Problem solved...hehe

Started a new Ladies Self Defense class Sunday. One Sunday a month I will go to Women's Self Defense after church. My friend Scott (Brown Belt in Ryu Kenpo Karate and Muay Thai Fighter) teaches it...LOVE IT...I think I am addicted to it or something. Maybe someday it will replace chocolate..........OK, lets not go crazy I guess. :-P



Sherry said...

Funny about the Lizard Lips! I lol'd. Yay for the self defense...you can send your chocolate my way. You know, since you won't be needing it anymore!

Posting under a different user id, but it's still me, Sherry!

Amy B. said...

Well that's a shocker...LeAnne likes activities where she gets to hurt people. I'm on my butt blown away. (can you read my sarcasm???) ;P