Friday, November 14, 2008

Have you Ever?

Have you ever taken your kid to the Dr. cuz they wont #2 right? :-P

Well, took Nikaya to the Dr. today cuz she has been having issues with her pottying and training etc. She has aced #1, but #2 seems to elude her.....or the toilet...not sure which.hehe
We have acutally been worried about her bowels for a while (infrequent pottying and distended rice belly that never went away), but then believe ourselves to be over worrying things etc. When Alice, our daycare Diva, stated she thought there might be a problem we decided we would not look to weird if we took her in for it.
Spent this AM with the Dr. and he feels that N suffers from Chronic Constipation. When this continues for to long the brain quits telling the belly to empty and then you have a MAJOR problem. So, we will being giving her some fiber meds, watching how much dairy she is eating to see if there is Lactose intolerance (my thinking not Dr) and see where we go from there. I had to laugh, we had an x-ray completed and all they found was large amounts of #2 in there...we actually paid money to find out one of our kids is full of crap...hehehe :-) Curt and I have to laugh at that one!

My chest cold is mostly gone so I am back getting my cardio up and going again as oppposed to just weight workouts. The last 2 days I have begun walking again and remember why I love it! The staff at the Y laugh at me because I put on my headphones and tune out the world and walk for all eternity, jamming out the whole time.
I really must take a good photo of me (without old clothes on that are baggy) so you can see the new / less me.


The Williamson Clan said...

Yes, please take that photo....I want to see! I'm so proud of you. :) I did LOL at the xray thing, but was glad you talked about this. One of my girls has the whole constipation thing going on. Even though she's been home for close to 3 years, when she is able to go the smell creeps down the hall and punches you right in the gut. Seriously. I'm thinking it should NOT still smell this bad. Hmmm...

Amy said...

YES! I want to oooh and aaah at the new bod! Get those photos up!


Sherry said...

The full of crap comment made me actually lol. I have one of my AWANA kids that has the same problem, poor guy. Hopefully you will get it taken care of with the fiber meds. It can't be comfortable to hold all that inside!

Christine said...

Good for you! I should be walking too... my husband jogs with most of the kids.. I don't but should.