Friday, November 28, 2008

Recent Updates On Derek and My New Body.

A couple of recent things.

1. Derek is supposed to be listed on the National Donor Registry Monday!!! Our hope and prayer is that he receive a liver soon. The sad thing is that someone must pass before he can get a liver...double edged sword...our happiness and hope is someone else's sadness and loss.
He is suffering alot of pain and cannot wear regular pants or shoes due to the swelling he is having right now. He is extremely jaundiced and feeling pretty yucky right now. He was unable to join us here for Thanksgiving, but we all understand and were able to visit with him via Video phone...wonderful.

And now, what you all have been waiting for...not...hehe

2. Here are two recent pic's of me and my progress. I see the change, but wish it were more pronounced...oh well, gotta keep going before my days as a Victoria's Secret Model can take over! ;-)
Here I am with 50 lbs. gone.

Sunday Nov. 23, 2008

Nov. 23, 2008

Gotta keep working on the bat wings...hope they tighten up and go away some day.

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Amy said...

Wow, LeAnne, that is wonderful about Derek. When my cousin died he was an organ donor and he saved 4 people. For us, as his family, that softened the pain of his loss. Derek's donor's family I'm sure will feel the same softening and it will be a blessing to them.

And look at YOU! I totally see a difference! How do you feel? You look like you feel great! So proud of you!!!