Monday, December 08, 2008

A Little Weird Around Here we had a TOTAL Schneiderville moment around here. :-P
Curtis had gone into the boys room to talk to Hunter about being a typical pre-teen and went over to check on how Rocco (Hunter's Turtle) was doing. Low and behold I hear him holler for me to come upstairs..NO ROCCO! We dug in the rocks thinking maybe he had buried himself to do a little hibernating etc but still could not find him. We got out the flashlight and looked in all the bedrooms. That little turkey (or turtle I should say) made it all the way across the boy bedroom, down the hall and into our bedroom...quite a safari for the little guy. Not sure if he is glad to be back home or if he enjoyed himself out and about. Of course, Hunter's biggest fear was that Skittles or Norman the cats ate him. We decided that ol' Rocco was smart enough to escape, he is smart enough to hid in his shell to avoid the cat monsters!

All I could say the whole time is..."If we can't find him we have to move cuz I am NOT living in a house with a loose turtle or a house with dead turtle stench!" hehe

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ange said...

just tell the kids he was on safari, that works around here. we have a turtle that has been on safari for 2 years, we still can't find her. she was big enough that she couldn't get out the back yard but we have no idea where she went...... heavenly safari... oh ya!