Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Can't Even Breathe I am SOOO Frustrated

Got word today, day 2 of Derek supposedly being added to the Donor List for a new liver.

Today the Donor Board called Derek to ask him if he had supplemental insurance. WHAT??...He has main insurance that he has waited 6 months to pass the probation period on, then the old employer switched insurance from Blue Cross to Blue Shield to Aetna, he waited 6 months and when that was almost up the company switch back to BC/BS, causing him to have to wait ANOTHER 6 month probation period (the first one didn't count ya see...)
NOW, the Donor Idiots, excuse me, BOARD...wants to know if he has supplemental insurance as well since the cost could go over $250,000.
When Derek said no, and explained that he is on BC/BS on the Cobra plan, they shook their collective idiotic heads and told him that they WILL NOT PUT HIM ON THE LIST YET.....

I am sorry, but could they possibly get off their collective asses and look at him as a human and NOT a number....he is a valuable life that is dying, yes I said it out loud...HE IS DYING and will not live to get supplemental insurance let alone find a company that would give him insurance knowing he is going in for a transplant.

We are all so frustrated, sad, angry and just in absolute awe of the idiocy that is being thrown in front of Derek that we don't even know what to do.

I have told Curtis family they need to talk to the Media, a Lawyer, anyone who will listen to get Derek's story out there to the public.

I know how Curtis and I feel, I could not imagine how it feels for Derek, or Curt's parents, knowing that one of their children is dying in front of their eyes because someone is worried about the bottom line of a large hospital and insurance corporation. YUCK!


Angela said...

Oh sweety, That really is totally YUCK. Praying right now that God will work out a fantastic miracle for him and his family that will leave everyone's draw dropped in His glory and power. May God very clearly use what "they" intend for bad and make something beautiful out of it for the good of those who love Him, as He promised to do.

What a heartache for everyone who loves him. I do pray God will comfort you all while you wait on this miracle and send a miracle quickly that will have you all singing and dancing with joy!!!

Big hug, Angela

Amy Brownell said...

I HATE US healthcare system. I watch as people here in Spain walk into the hospital and clinics no problem. No one asks for an insurance card, they don't even ask you for the reason for your appt. They just give you one and see you and treat you and do what they are supposed to do.

According to Michael Moore he could get treatment in Cuba even!

YES, lawyer and media. Go for it. They are violating his rights as a human being.

I will pray for the Lord to zap them on their collective heads so they do what is right!

UGH! Disgusting!