Monday, December 15, 2008


Sorry it has been a while...I seem to lose track of time and the days all smoosh together and I find myself at the end of the line. :-)

I had fights recently, waiting for my friends (who got AWESOME photos of me doing my thing!!) to get the pics to me to post....BUSY night....lets see-18 fights =36 guys who want to pummel each other. A Full moon, Friday night and Beer....see where I am going with this...hehe
We had broken collar bones, noses, facial bones, knockouts and some that just begged to be done because they were was quite the night. We arrived for pre-fight checks at 5pm and got out of there around midnight.

Saturday was a Cheer performance at 9:45am and then Demi and I tackled the grocery store. Once we were done we chilled at home and TRIED to get things done and Sunday hit church. I came home Sunday and had Women's Self Defense.
YES, I am taking ANOTHER class...hehehahahoho. This one is on going and will be moving from 1 Sunday a month to 2...Thanks Scott, Love ya for it!
Sunday he offered for us to break boards with our forearm/elbow areas. Do you think I tried....YES! I stood my ground and gave that board a hard smack and I really think it hit me back..OUCH. I tried again and still it didn't break. Scott tells me "LeAnne, you are trying to hit the board and slowing down, pretend you are trying to hit me...not the board!" That was all the encouragement I needed. I hit that thing a 3rd time and my forearm went right thru it...I BROKE IT IN HALF!!! Of course my arm lost some skin on the elbow and I have a pretty purple mark, but doggone it, I did it!!! I am a freaking NINJA! ;-)

For all of you who have been praying, THANK YOU....Derek is hanging in there right now. Last update we received we heard that the insurance is making him wait until around Jan. 1st to be on the list. We are hoping he hangs on and things will move quickly once he is approved so a new liver can be transplanted. He has his 29th B-day Dec. 29th....hoping he will be feeling well enough to have a nice dinner with his Girlfriend, Kami.

Well, off to bed. I am so tired and need my beauty sleep so I can get up tomorrow and do it all again!


Sherry said...

I am glad Derek is hanging in there, hopefully the wait will go quickly so they can get him treated and on the way to a healthy 2009! Insurance companies are awful, really. All about the bottom line and they don't give a whit for human life.

Sounds like you had a fun night at the fights...and congrats on becoming a board breaking ninja! hehe

CIMT BLOG said...

Ninja? Wow! You rock!

Fingers crossed for Derek. Will be praying.