Friday, May 11, 2007

Just Hangin'

This week has been busy, but nothing I couldn't handle. Tonight Hunter is going to the Drive In with a friend to See "Are we Done Yet". Hopefully they will have a blast and not keep Donna, the mom, up to late tonight!
Demi and Nikaya are in their room watching Hannah Montana and Kai is in his room watching it as well....I do not think they will be awake very long since they played so hard today.
Demi Roo and Hunter are almost done with school. They are getting anxious to be done, as I stress about how to keep 4 kids busy over the summer....anyone looking for cheap labor??hehehe

I have had some things come up over the last little bit that I could use some prayer for. I have a friend who has to have a biopsy of her Thyroid gland. A very painful procedure, as well as many children at home who need to be calm and cared for. Another friend's son had to have a lump removed off of his jaw. They are waiting for biopsy results on it. This is a hard case since he is adopted and they know zero about his medical history or that of his Birth family. Prayers also for a family I recently met who is adopting a Haitian child that is being disrupted here in the US. I am sad the child has had to undergo so much loss in his little life, but I see that it will all work out for God's glory. A family that will cherish him is in place now, and he will be the happy little boy he should be!

I hope this finds anyone reading it, doing well and being blessed this Mother's Day!

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