Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Diet..UGH

Ok. I have yet to say that I am on a diet....I am going for the lifestyle change instead of diet...easier on the mind and body :-)
So far, I have lost 18lbs. I have noticed, hubby has noticed, not many others mention it other than they see me all over the neighborhood with my Mp3 and tennies walking all over the place. I can go as far as 4 miles, but I pay for it the next day with leg cramps and a swollen right ankle. Every since I dislocated all my toes on the right foot by kicking my coffee table my foot has NEVER been the same. Anyhoo....I pay for it dearly so I decided to stay safer with the 3 mile walk instead...still have pain, but that extra mile kills. :-P I have started to count calories just to see how many I am eating, and I am staying in a pretty good area for weight loss. I have cut out a lot of things and find that I don't miss them as much now that I have gotten over the withdrawls.
I will post progress later...maybe I will post a photo of me in my bikini....HEHEHEHEHE that you have all left to vomit, I will say KIDDING!!!!

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Amy said...

Get a good ice pack and keep up the good work!!! Awesome! Hmm, I wonder why you kicked your coffee table... ;P