Monday, October 15, 2007

Titus 2

The kdis and I have started to try a new church. It is the same church the children attned AWANA's at, they know people, are well received and have just started a children's church during the main sermon. Sunday was our first day to try it. I got the kids set in the classes they needed, along with Zach and Annie (my frined Tracey's two kids who I take to AWANA's as well)...the kids all call my van the God bus and get on it Wed. and now Sun. to take them to learn about God. :-)
Once I got everyone settled I asked where the adults go to Sunday school and they pointed me tot he meeting room. Well, it has been a LONG time since i have been in Sunday school, but I was SOOO LOST. The guy was talking about the history of the Bible and how it covers the Roman empire etc....WOW...not really what I wanted to learn. Afterwards, while my head was spinning, I ran into one of the gals in my neighborhood during fellowship time. Come to find out, I should be in the beginner class as I had gone to the Adult advanced portion. Whew....I thought I was an idiot!!! ;-P
The kids and I enjoyed the service and will probably attend again next week as well as AWANAS's on Wednesday.
I came home fed everyone lunch and then napped a little took my walk and showered and went back for Women's fellowship time. They are teaching a class called TITUS 2.

Titus 2 is a class led by the Pastor's wife and it is teaching from the Bible chapter of Titus Chapter 2 verses 3-5. She also uses a book, which she will be ordering all of us...I can't think of the name of it off the top of my head though. It was a great class on how to properly be your hubby's greatest fan. How God gave woman the role of HELPER of the family and the hubby, NOT the leader. Now, don't get me is NOT about being a mindless droll without an opinion, but to help your hubbies in the daily calling of leader of the family. We are the encourager, the companion and cheerleader for our husbands and all that they do...this allows them to lead the family as they were called to do by God. It was interesting listening to her read from this book about how what a woman says can truly affect what her hubby does and how he reacts to it, even internally. It was truly amazing and I look forward to taking the class from here and getting involved in a hopefully wonderful ministry....we shall see how it goes.


Terry said...

Hello, I read your blog from time to time and I found your post interesting. I'm glad you like the church you're going to with the kids! I'm adopting from Haiti as well (and a born again church goer mayself :-)

Britney said...

I'm reading a book about that same thing...I mean, the Bible doesn't say you have to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, but to be a help for your husband. That's something I'm really working hard on...I'm extreemly strong willed, and sometimes I don't care what my husband says he likes or wants, I do whatever I want. I mean, he can't rule my whole life, but I think I need to be more sensitive of the things he wants instead of being so selfish. "HONORING" him is what I need to do more. That's pretty cool that we're going through the same type of Bible study! I think all wives should get into really opens your eyes as to how selfish you can be! Yikes!!! =)