Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Child Like Me....

I received this from the author, Lisa Schlitt. She has amazing adoption poetry. I will see if she has a website for those of you who want to get her stuff...WOW!

I wish I had a digital picture of the day I first met Kai. This poem is HIM. It takes me back to the day that I met him, in his stained shirt, scarred hand and eyes of a child that had been in the orphanage for a while without a family. He HAS this smile that lights up a room, EVERYONE says it. It is the thing that drew me to him first off. I read this and got tears in my eyes...this is my little Kai Ceus.....

With saddened eyes and head bent low,
It’s damaged goods most see,
With an unclear past and broken heart,
Who would want a child like me?

I watch you walk into the room,
From a distance I can see,
But dare I take a closer step?
Who would want a child like me?

And then I see you look my way,
You smile so tenderly,
But do I even dare to dream,
You would want a child like me?

And then as if I spoke out loud
You approach me cautiously,
I try so hard to just believe,
She will want a child like me.

But can I once let down my guard,
And trust that she will see,
Hiding beneath this old stained shirt,
Is a beautiful child like me?

My smile they say lights up a room,
I’ll be good as good can be,
“Oh Please Dear God, let her want,
A special child like me.”

I feel her hand reach out for mine,
And within her eyes I see,
A single, tiny, shining tear,
Could she want a child like me?

And when she holds me in her arms,
There’s no place I’d rather be,
For in my heart the truth is clear,
“The child she wants is ME!

Lisa J Schlitt©2007

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Terry said...

This poem brought tears to my eyes, thanks for sharing it!