Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fight Updates :-P

OK. I forgot to post about the MMA fights I went to and sat Ring Side Medic for. I have to say, these were good (I think they are all awesome, but these were exciting)
I had 1 REALLY bad eye cut. This guy had 3 Hematoma's around his eye. A Hematoma is a blood filled sack...He was bleeding so bad, but his corner begged me not to stop the fight reminding me that it was not bleeding INTO his eye and he could still fight. I decided to let him go 1 more round and told him if he was still bleeding that bad after the next round he was DONE! The guy thanked me and went out to fight the 2nd, but final round...knocking the other guy unconscious and winning the Title belt! Took me 5 butterflies to close his eye and 5 more after his shower. (I usually close the cut after they get out of the cage so they can shower and get the Vaseline off and cool off so the butterflies stick better and once they do that I re-butterfly them for good until the go to the hospital.)
One guy got his opponent in an arm bar and all of a sudden the guy on the ground SCREAMED! I run in and the guy who did the arm bar kept saying "I heard something pop...eewww..." I checked the guy and saw no visible injuries and had the Ambulance Crew come up to check him as well. We believe he popped a nerve in his arm, and sent him to have x-rays.
Big fight of the night was the second to last one. A guy who has held the Title for several years was fighting an up and comer. They were fighting good and hard and finally after 3 rounds the new guy got the Title holder in a choke hold and he tapped out....The new guy jumped for joy and his posse came into the cage to congratulate him and I went in to check the loser out to make sure he did not lose consciousness. All of a sudden someone ran into my arm and I almost fell down. I look up and HUGE fight of about 10 people is happening in the winners corner. came the Local Police, and 2 different Security services in to the ring. The Dr. helping me runs out and turns around to say "wow..what a mess" but he didn't see me....I am IN the middle of the fight pulling the fighters I know off of each other and checking all the blood...IT WAS EVERYWHERE! I had several cuts, scraped, bloody knuckles etc from the ones fighting. Come to find out, the kid who lost, his FATHER ran into the ring and sucker punched the kid who won...WHAT?! The father was arrested, the kid who lost was MORTIFIED that his father did that and the guy who won...he had a majorly cracked bridge in his mouth (he had taken his mouth piece out after his fight)all 4 front teeth were broken, bleeding and loose...what a bloody mess. When I was finished, my hubby was holding my arm because I was to stupid to get out of the cage during the fight...hehe...and he was terrified for me... and I was covered in blood. WHAT A NIGHT!!!!
Can't wait until Dec. for the next ones!


. said...

Oh my! I am soooo impressed! and in a funny kind of way, I'm kinda envious!?!

Congrats on such an amazing night and I have passed your link along to my "almost" son who is also a huge MMA fan and an EMT to boot.

Thanks for the blow-by-blow (pun intended) and I am ready to go with ya if I'm ever in that area when there's a fight, just to see *you* in action!



The Haiti Lady said...

Thanks Becky! I wish you were closer, I could get front row tickets for your son...heck, he could help me! ;-)

Amy said...

YOU are nuts!!! :P

Love ya anyway!


. said...

Goodness gracious, you and Bryan have gotten me hooked. I watched TUF tonight and I SAW it last night already!

We are gonna be sooo funny when we are old ladies, huh? I can just see us as old ladies with canes screaming for them to use the ground and pound technique.

My kids think it's going to be so funny. I think they might be right.

I will say that I do respect a lot of the fight professionals. Did you see this article?

These guys can really defy the stereotype image that the "mainstream" has of them.

Glad you've seen from up close and personal that these guys can be tough and yet gentle, too.

The Haiti Lady said...

There was a 'midget' fight the fight before this last one. His fight card said 5'0"...yeah right...I am 4'10" and I looked him in the eye with my 1 inch heeled sandals on....5'0" my hiney.hehe
I guess if he was MY height I should NOT refer to him as a midget huh?? hehe