Sunday, November 04, 2007


I have yet to post photos, but Halloween was fun. Hunter was a scary bleeding Grim Reaper, Demi was a Vampiress, Kai was Spiderman and Nikaya was a Cheerleader (of course). Curtis dressed up as Gandolf the Grey (from Lord of the Rings) and took them trick or treating to family and neighbors. All the kids had fun. Nikaya would say over and over again that Curtis was her daddy, but she would NOT hold his hand for anything, choosing instead to hold Tracey's (one of my bestest friend's). I stayed home for the first time pass out candy. I made my hair into a fohawk and put black lipstick and eye shadow on. Most of the neighborhood kids know me so they thought it was pretty great...they thought I should take that look to the street for everyday use. hehe

We were still able to start early enough to trick or treat and then be in bed by 9pm as usual. Than goodness or we would have had grumpy sugar drenched kids the next day.

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