Monday, November 26, 2007

Prayers for a Friend

I have a prayer request for a friend.

This friend Mike is one of the fighters I have met during my ring side medic job and I just love the guy. He is a fierce competitor and very loyal to his friends. My prayer for him is this:
Mike is the ripe old age of 23 year old. He and his 21 year old girlfriend have been awaiting the arrival of a daughter this month. Well, the 23rd, Mike celebrated his birthday and the 24th his baby daughter was stillborn. I am so very sad for Mike and his girlfriend, I believe they looked forward to this baby as hope....she is now gone. Mike is not a religious guy, and I do not believe he is saved, however, that is not my call to make. I do know, that he is sad, lonely and in need of prayer as is Carrie, the mother of the baby.

I have sent him words of comfort, the only thing I can offer him, except for prayers. Pray for them to have clarification that the Lord loves them and their daughter, and that there is some reason, unknown to them, that he has taken their baby.

I always hated that saying "it was for the best, God knew what he was doing"....It never made it any easier, but for them I pray that they find some peace in the situation and come to know God through it all.

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